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  1. Hello, My name is Erik and I am from Zagreb, Croatia. I work as a web developer in a small company in Zagreb. I enjoy sport and technology. Before cryptocurrency I was addicted to developing games mostly for mobile devices. A former colleague introduced me to cryptocurrencies in late 2013. We shared thoughts and after a while I know this was it and I took a bite when I bought my first BTC. Since then I'm a true believer that cryptocurrencies will drastically change financial and many other industries like transport, medical, etc.. I think I tried almost everything about crypto up until now: Mining, smart contract, running stake node,... What I most regret is watching ETH being around $1 and I totally remember what I said to my colleague "this will go to $10 I have a feeling". I didn't buy it, neither did he. A month+ later it was $10. We grabbed a beer and celebrated empty bags.
  2. tradeandholder

    Lightning Network progress

    This is a topic for LN progress. What LN means is explained here. We just surpassed 1000 nodes running on lightning mainnet. It's a big milestone for Bitcoin!
  3. Some key facts: At the start of 2018, Brave had more than 1 million active users and currently has over 5.5 million users. Now its 2019, and Brave is excited about how massive their growth will be, due to the release of their 1.0 desktop browser and what users will stand to gain from their upcoming opt-in Brave Ads. Their desktop browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux which was redesigned is now 22% faster than the previous Muon version In August, their new iOS version brought great gains, and their Android app was downloaded more than 10 million times. Having 80% of their users on mobile and 20% on desktop, they expect an increased adoption on mobile platforms as the Basic Attention Token and the Brave Rewards will be coming to iOS and Android this 2019. Currently, they now have more than 28,000 Verified publishers which include Twitch streamers and YouTube channels. As a resulted of repeated data breach scandals that happened on some platforms, Brave has put in some effort to develop an anti-surveillance technology which will help users have full control of their data. More features were also integrated to solve the issues of privacy: The Integration of Tor in their private windows and opening a Research office in London for implementing privacy innovations like AdGraph and SpeedReader in the future. Newly Formed Partnerships Dow Jones Media Group, Baker/DeFranco, and Townsquare To bring premium content to their new audience as well as test the use of the blockchain technology in digital publishing, they partnered with Dow Jones Media Group. They also formed partnerships with Townsquare Media (to test digital advertising solutions with the BAT platform and monetize ad-blocking traffic) and with Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco, two well-known YouTubers (to inform their audience about BAT and Brave). HTC HTC Exodus, which is the first blockchain-enabled phone, will be making use of Brave as its default browser. DuckDuckGo They also formed a relationship with DuckDuckGo in order to be featured across all platforms in our Private Windows search Qwant In Germany and France, Qwant is now their default search engine. Qwant is an European search engine that takes its users’ privacy seriously. Civic They have also teamed up with Civic to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) services as well as identity verification to their verified publishers. AdLedger To reform the future of digital advertising, they joined the AdLedger blockchain consortium alongside GroupM, Meredith, Publicis, Omnicom, MadHive, IPG Reprise Digital, Coindesk, TEGNA, and IBM. Brave’s public policy activities Brave has been working with lawmakers since mid-2018 as well as advertisers based in Europe and the United States, pressing for users’ privacy protections and giving publishers a fairer deal. Below are the highlights of their public policy activities: The company wrote to all the EU 28 Member State governments to request for users, an enhanced privacy protection in the coming ePrivacy Regulation. They filed GDPR complaints against surveillance adtech. This led to privacy regulators investigating the big data breach of the online ad auction system. Their CEO contacted the US Senate to request a federal law regarding the GDPR. They also gave detailed information on how this law should operate to the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration. • They also contacted Margrethe Vestager, the antitrust chief of Europe to call for an antitrust investigation of the programmatic behavioral advertising market.
  4. Steady ATM rise despite bear market! 🚀
  5. Binance has launched a subsidiary account majorly for institutional traders. They revealed that, this development was made as a result of countless requests from Binance users. What this upgrade provides: Enables different entities to set-up multiple sub-accounts under one organization as well as make provision for one master account to have full access control. Master account will be in charge of all other accounts. A set limit to API limits for each sub-account. Both accounts can edit and create API keys for themself, but only the master account can delete all API keys, in contrast to sub-accounts which can only delete its own API key. Both accounts can place buy or sell orders, but only the master account can cancel all orders which contrasts the sub-account which can only cancel its own orders. Funds transfer from the master accounts to sub accounts will be very easy and free of any cost. Sub-accounts can be frozen/unfrozen. This upgrade is only for individuals having corporate accounts and VIP 3 tier (or higher) accounts, will be able to access this latest feature. Binance, in the post specified that: "VIP tiers will be calculated on an aggregate basis, and corresponding discounts will be applied to all sub-accounts." What are API keys for? For the uninitiated, an Application Programming Interface Key (API Key) is a code passed alongside a web service that recognized the origin of the request. Generally, if there are public and private API keys, it is advisable that the public key is shared, and the private key only given to trustworthy entities or individuals. Binance stressed that, right from time it has taken the issue of security very seriously and included that so as to maintain its standards of strict security: "Account login information has been properly subdivided to maximize security and minimize risk." Exchange will make it possible for users to create new sub-accounts, coupled with making changes under tabs like security information, ownership, working status, etc.
  6. tradeandholder

    0x blockchain project launches Instant

    Instant is completely open source, and depending on the requirements of each dApp, it can be customized. Developers that wish to make use of this service in their applications, have the option of earning an affiliate fee of 5% on each transaction performed. Due to the fact that 0x sees itself as an open trading protocol built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, it shouldn’t be surprising that Instant supports only the buying of ERC-721 and ERC-20 assets. Regardless, assets supported includes popular stablecoins as well as utility tokens like Basic Attention Token (BAT), OmiseGo, Augur, Dai Stablecoin, Funfair and 0x itself. On the 0x website, a graphical configurator feature is present, which aids developers in customizing according to their requirements. The JavaScript code that results, can then be dropped into a website or App, abstracting away the backend complexities of the underlying library. 0x also supports the use of AssetBuyer (its other library), in a case where the default user interface of Instant becomes too limiting. They said: Reducing the entry barrier 0x has revealed that the major use case for the library is to create seamless product experiences, which were impossible to incorporate within a single application. Users of any app, will not need to make use of third party crypto exchanges to obtain a platform-specific token. 0x said that a good number of crypto projects are already making use of Instant. Two well-known crypto providers already having this service built in are Balance and Coinbase Wallet. With the aid of different ETH wallets, including Ledger, MetaMask and Trezor, users can buy tokens. Also, CoinGecko (a price aggregation service), has also added support for Instant. The 0x team believes that Instant’s launch will play a major role in reducing the entry barrier for newbies to cryptos and dApps. Will Warren (0x founder), in a discussion with Forbes said:
  7. tradeandholder

    Analysis tools

    Here is a list of ICO resources, their ratings, return of invetments (ROI), prices, etc. Crypto events: https://cryptocalendar.pro/ Github commits: https://cryptomiso.com/ List of active, upcoming and ended ICOs: https://icodrops.com/ https://airdropalert.com/ https://www.icoalert.com/ https://www.coinschedule.com/ https://tokenmarket.net/ https://icowatchlist.com/ ICO ratings: https://icorating.com/ https://icobench.com/ Statistics: https://icostats.com/ https://tokenstats.io/ https://www.blocktivity.info/ Social trackers: http://cryptometrics.net/ https://cryptovibe.io/ https://coingossip.club/ (great coin gossip tool based on subreddit) Crypto experts on ICOs: http://cryptodiffer.com/ >>> Feel free to add more to the list with a short explanation. <<<
  8. tradeandholder

    XRP too big to fail by SEC security rules

    XRP may lose out on being classified as a security. Deputy counsel at the crowdfunding platform Republic, Max Rich feels the SEC may not succeed in forcing Ripple Labs (creator of XRP) to reimburse investors. He feels the SEC would crack down on ICO projects that may have sold unregistered securities. However, the XRP token sale could be exempted because it took place long beforehand (in mid-2013). Rich said that the SEC will make use of the DAO as the inflection point. Projects that hosted a public sale after the specified date will be treated in a different manner from those that hosted before the date. In an email exchange, Rich said that he doesn't think the SEC uses the DAO as an inflection point. Rich also feel that public sales that took place earlier I.e. Ripple, will still feel the SEC's wrath; just that for now, the SEC is less focused on them. He wrote: Meanwhile, BX3 Capital's tax attorney and partner, Michael Minihan noted that XRP, just like Ether is very much integrated with the cryptocurrency sector. Minihan stressing Rich's idea that the token has been in existence for a long time, expressed his view that, it would be difficult to touch its size and influence within crypto. In an interview with Crypto Briefing, he said: XRP and Ripple Labs Even though the SEC is yet to bring up some charges against Ripple, we have seen some buyers file complaints that hints that the company assured them of receiving financial returns. On many occasions, Ripple stressed that XRP is an "independent digital asset" having clear-cut use cases. This means that Ripple doesn’t see XRP as an investment, but as a utility token. After all XRP token is the second largest by market cap. The Security debate of XRP The SEC has remained silent on XRP despite public comments made by one of its directors that ether was not a security. From the market perspective, we can at least say the token has been one of the successful ones, despite the fact that it has some regulatory uncertainty surrounding it. More investors were definitely attracted when it moved into second spot, ahead of Ether. Ripple has made efforts to keep a distance from XRP, but in mid-September, it made a U-turn. The shift reveals that Ripple is not bothered about the SEC naming XRP as a security. The major concern here may not be the debate on if XRP is a security. Financial restrictions may simply indicate that the SEC is focused on violations that happened recently, rather than those of five years ago. Banks' major concern is whether XRP truly provides them real utility. If this is not the case, that could result in some problems.
  9. tradeandholder

    Shapeshift - What is it, how it works,...

    What is it ShapeShift is a medium of exchange that links your hardware and software wallets as against keeping your crypto holdings in store. It enables one to easily swap between different cryptocurrencies without reaching for the wallet. No charges are incurred outside the miner’s asides the small token for conversion services. The real deal about this exchange is that one doesn’t need to open an account to get started, it only requires personal information and a means of identity from the user, thereby ensuring safety of funds to the investor. The exchange allows for smooth transformation of Bitcoin to Altcoin (BCT-ETH) and vice versa without buying or selling. How it works As stated earlier, no account is needed in this exchange, just put down your wallet address and the exchange will tell you the address to send your cryptocurrencies. Follow these basic steps in using ShapeShift: Visit https://shapeshift.io/#/coins. Select the altcoin you want to exchange. Select between ‘quick’ or ‘precise’ option, and if its quick, you will have to provide the receiving address, while the deposit address will be given by ShapeShift. You don’t need to tell the amount of altcoins you need, just deposit whatever comes to your mind you feel you are comfortable with, but if the option is precise, you will be sent the exact value of altcoins you requested. Click on continue. If you selected ‘quick’ provide your destination address, and the address for refunds, and make sure you agree to the terms and conditions stated. If ‘precise’ was the option you selected, input the value of coins you want to send or receive, with the destination or refund address. If for example, you want to convert BTC to ETH, you would have to give your ETH address to ShapeShift which stands as your destination address. Second, you input your BTC address to the exchange which they would refund your desired altcoins to, after completing any transaction successfully. Then make sure you accept their terms and conditions before moving to the next step. At this level, you would be given a bitcoin deposit address by ShapeShift to deposit your funds. Please note that, you could be charged a transfer fee, and that amount will be added to your ShapeShift transaction fee. However, using a crypto wallet that is free of charges from the crypto investors handling the transaction will be an added advantage. When you click on the link start transaction your ETH will be sent to you by ShapeShift immediately and then you can now exchange cryptocurrencies fast and easy. As stated earlier, a token fee will be deducted from the exchange rate which is calculated on the basis of several parameters and is always the same. Another benefit of ShapeShift is that they don’t charge for 'slippage'. Breakdown of fees at ShapeShift BTC Bitcoin Miner Fee: 0.0025 BTC ETH Ether Miner Fee: 0.001 ETH BCH Bitcoin Cash Miner Fee: 0.0002 BCH LTC Litecoin Miner Fee: 0.001 LTC Benefits for users at ShapeShift It enhances smooth exchange of cryptocurrencies It’s quick and efficient to use Privacy for the user It prevents against hacking as most cryptocurrencies are saved online Easy and beginner friendly interface It has a mobile app for both Android and IOS devices ShapeShift Lens The ShapeShift Lens enables you to purchase anything you ordinarily will purchase with Bitcoin. If you have plans to participate in an upcoming ICO and you need altcoin, ETH, ShapeShift should be your desired destination. It has a lot of tokens and ICOs, which is also available for trading.
  10. Brave browser is set to allow users to tip with cryptocurrency, their favourite personalities on Reddit and Twitter. The company which is owned by Brendan Eich revealed that: Users will be able to send and receive tips when the payment system in the browser’s settings is enabled, which will link the social media accounts. The inclusion of Twitter and Reddit on the browser comes in after its initial support for YouTube channels, Twitch streamers and websites. This feature should be available for use in the 4th quarter of 2018. The BAT ecosystem functions majorly with the help of the end-user to support as well as encourage content creators. Already, the platform has registered thousands of websites and YouTube channels, which includes: The Guardian, The Washington Post and YouTube celebrity Philip DeFranco. Over the past few months, the Brave browser has experienced rapid growth, receiving lots of compliments for its user-centric nature and most especially its built-in ad blocker. The developers revealed that more than 3 million active users are using the browser and by the end of the year, hopes to surpass the 5 million mark. Despite Google’s domination of the market share with 50% of users globally, the browser space is very competitive. Brave’s low attrition rate can be attributed to its methods of earning passive income, attention to user demands, and tight integration with cryptocurrency. Brave’s code is based on Chromium (Chrome’s open-source version) and has a similar performance in all areas, with page loading 50% faster on Brave. In terms of performance, BAT has been very consistent in the market which contrasts many coins that experience severe ebbs and flows.
  11. tradeandholder

    Blockchain Activity Matrix - Blocktivity

    They are new so I don't know how reliable their data is, but they're showing for each Blockchain it's network congestion. https://blocktivity.info/
  12. tradeandholder

    KuCoin Review

    KuCoin is an exchange platform a bit different from others. The main reason for this is their profit-sharing system which may be pretty inviting to investors. Namely, they have their own coin - KCS that works as a share for their company and 50% of the income is evenly distributed among token holders. KuCoin also comes with several really interesting features - let’s take a look! Fees In essence, the fees of this exchange are one of the lowest in the industry and are just 0.1% in any trade. But if you trade with their tokens (their shares) KCS, you will get 1% discount off every 1000 KCS that you have in your wallet. However, only expert traders with high volume trading can make some substantial use of this benefit. History of KuCoin KuCoin was initially founded as a company focused on researching the blockchain technology. The man behind the entire project is Michael Gam, once a technical expert at Ant Financial. They launched in May 2017 and it took them just a year to become the 18th best exchange platform with regards to its daily trading volume. The company is currently based in Hong Kong and supports numerous digital assets. Safety and Security KuCoin hasn’t gone through any significant breaches or crypto theft. It has a strong security system including the 2FA (2-factor authentication), so it’s highly recommended that you turn it on the increase your safety levels. Furthermore, rest assured your financial security is guaranteed as the wallets themselves include a few levels of security. Ease of Use The interface of this platform is very user-friendly. You can see the two trading graphs on your main dashboard and all the available info is just a few clicks away. Furthermore, the deposit and withdrawal processes are made simple and easy to use. The platform is also available in 10 languages which makes it easily accessible all over the world. If you like doing your trading on the move, you will be happy to know that this platform also has its own app. Deposit/Withdrawal Depositing crypto is completely free at KuCoin and the process is pretty straightforward. Since the fiat currencies are not allowed on the platform, all you have to do is connect your external wallet to KuCoin and make the transactions happen. However, the withdrawal process requires that you pay a certain fee which may differ from crypto to crypto. Nevertheless, the whole process of withdrawing is also very easy and, what’s more important - it is fast. Pros and Cons Pros: Great fees and fast deposit and withdrawal processes The interface is great and provides a nice overview of your trading activities The whole platform shares 50% of profit with the holders of their token Cons: Occasional lags in the system may appear Although KuCoin is completely acknowledged by its users, there are some who are still considering it a scam
  13. tradeandholder

    Vyper will make Ethereum more secure

    Vyper (the new experimental Ethereum language) has been released, and so far has got lots of enthusiastic comments and reviews on social media. With this new language, developers have an alternative to Solidity. Time to test Vyper Beta Vyper compiles down to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) bytecode just like Solidity. Although, Vyper is developed to make the process much easier, tailored towards creating smart contracts that are easy to comprehend with increased transparency and fewer points of attack. It is important for a code targeting the EVM to be very-efficient, to ensure smart contracts are effectively executed as inefficient code will become outrageously expensive in specific use cases like micro transactions. In this scenario, Vyper is similar to Solidity in logical terms and similar to Python syntactically. As reviewed by Blockgeeks, the v0.1.0-beta.1 of Vyper has improved in three key areas compared to previous languages. First, the review identified the exclusion of several constructs that programmers were familiar with. For simplicity reasons, operator overloading, class inheritance, recursion and function overloading has been removed by Vyper, as these are not technically useful for developing a Turing-complete language. The review also explained the reasons for excluding the less common constructs which includes modifiers, binary fixed point and inline assembly. Vyper's 'Simplicity' goal will make things much harder for security While the first improvements were aimed at simplifying the language, the next is making the language more complex where necessary. Vyper developers said that will definitely forbid things or make things harder if it deems fit to do so for the goal of increasing security. Vyper was developed to have the same similarities with Python, but this has not been a successful replacement for either Solidity or Python, it is rather utilized as a language required for the highest security level. Those who have started experimenting with the language have reacted positively on Reddit. While some have questioned the need for smart contracts being created by a different language, others have agreed that it is necessary to address the issues of security. The creation of Vyper was not to serve as a replacement for Solidity, but to be utilized alongside since they share the same bytecode so as to enhance security. A study conducted recently identified over 3,000 vulnerable contracts having security flaws. Vyper has the capability to play a vital role In Ethereum’s future.
  14. tradeandholder

    IDEX Review

    IDEX is a decentralized exchange platform based on Ethereum, which means it mainly uses ERC-20 tokens and ETH for an exchange. Fees IDEX uses the-maker-and -the-taker-system for charging fees. The makers are charged 0.1% fee, while the takers have to pay 0.2% of every trade that is conducted between them. But, in order to stop competition for the same order, there are fixed gas fees which are 140K and which is a lot more compared to other decentralized platforms. History of IDEX IDEX is one of the projects created by AuroraDAO. This company runs an Ethereum-based app which strives to become the world’s best decentralized solution for banking. The ICO for this project was launched in 2017, eventually becoming a successful ICO to this day. This US-based company registered in Panama is becoming very popular in the crypto world. Even though the current trade volumes are not that great, but being active for less than a year and achieving these results is more than enough to claim the bright future is ahead of IDEX. Safety and Security The overall security on the website is great and trustworthy. Another security layer worth mentioning is the fact that the exchange is decentralized and does not meddle too much into trading. However, similar decentralized exchanges were hacked before which does not make IDEX completely hacker-proof. Simply, your tokens will not be held by IDEX unless you decide to use the wallet they offer. You get to hold your private keys and you are the only person that can access the tokens you possess. Furthermore, there is an HTTPS technology which also protects your assets from hacker attacks. Ease of Use IDEX is designed for professional traders and as such, beginner traders may not find it as useful. If you are an expert trader, you will be amazed at how they have managed to solve some design problems and will have an excellent overview of all cryptos, trading, and graphs. Deposit/Withdrawal Since the platform does not accept fiat currencies, the whole process of depositing and withdrawing cryptos is made relatively easy. Everything is just a few clicks away and your funds will be immediately transferred from your platform wallet to your external wallet and vice versa. Pros and Cons Pros: More than a hundred cryptocurrencies at your service, all of which are Ethereum-based The trading fees are relatively low The verification is very easy and requires little to no detail Slick design and easy-to-use interface Cons: Beginners will not manage to get around - the platform is mainly for experts The trading volume is still very low as the platform does not feature non-Ethereum based cryptos
  15. tradeandholder

    Poloniex Review

    Poloniex is mainly targeted to the traders who have already been trading for quite a while. It offers a wide range of cryptos that you can trade for other cryptos, but there are currently no fiat currencies allowed on the platform. Poloniex is currently one of the leading sites when it comes to crypto exchange, although they have been experiencing in the past. Read on! Fees When it comes to trading, Poloniex charges fees for both makers and takers. However, the fees set by the platform are one of the lowest in the industry. The highest fee for a maker is 0.15% and for a taker is 0.25%. However, their fees go down if bigger sums are in play and if you happen to have a 30-day trade volume bigger than 120,000 BTC, you will have 0% fee as a maker and 0.05% fee as a taker. When it comes to the deposit and withdrawal fees, you will be happy to know that depositing is completely free. On the other hand, withdrawal fees may vary since there are different fees for every crypto. For example, withdrawing BTC will result in 0.0005 BTC fee - very affordable. History of Poloniex Poloniex was created in 2014 and it is currently located in Delaware, USA. The man behind the project is Tristan D’Agosta who was previously, believe it or not, a renowned music producer with his own music company called Polonius Sheet Music. At the beginning of 2018 they were acquired by the Circle for $400M with a reason to access new financial markets. They also want to explore the possibility of adding USD, EUR and GBP markets to the platform. Poloniex is primarily designed for advanced traders, so it’s no wonder it offers some really advanced types of trading, including margin trading, and cryptocurrency lending. Safety and Security Everything is great about Poloniex as of now, but there were a time in the history of the platform that left its mark rendering it as being defective when it comes to security. One of the high-profile hacker attacks happened in March 2014 that was followed by a series of minor attacks targeted on isolated accounts. The platform has implemented several checks such as 2FA since. However, the details about other security measures are not publicly displayed which still makes Poloniex not 100% reliable, although there were no hack attacks over the past few years. Ease of Use The platform’s user experience, on the other hand, is flawless. It may seem confusing to newcomers and inexperienced traders, but Poloniex isn’t designed for them in the first place. On the other hand, advanced traders will enjoy great flexibility as well as the powerful trading screens that Poloniex offers. Deposit/Withdrawal Since the website works only with cryptocurrencies, the procedure to deposit and withdraw cryptos is fairly simple. It relies on using crypto wallets, just like on any other crypto trading platform. Pros and Cons Pros: Great fees that go down with the increased trade volume A lot of cryptocurrencies available for trading Many trading options included Cons: Fiat currencies are not allowed on the platform at all The history of high-level security breaches
  16. tradeandholder

    Bittrex Review

    Bittrex is an exchange that focuses mainly on the traders already experienced to a certain extent. Some of the features that make Bittrex great are fast transaction processing as well as a cool and easy-to-use interface. If you are into development, you can even use APIs and create your own trading bots via Bittrex. Fees When it comes to their pricing, Bittrex follows a simple rule - all trades are charged the same fee of 0.25% per transaction. Each deposit transaction is also completely free, but what’s even more interesting is that withdrawing different cryptos means different withdrawal fees. For the sake of comparison, Bittrex charges 0.001 BTC while Poloniex charges 0.0005 BTC for withdrawing bitcoin. That said, this makes Bittrex one of the more expensive when it comes to withdrawal fees. History of Bittrex Bittrex was founded in 2014 by the big corporations’ ex-coworkers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Blackberry. If we take the trade volume into consideration, the platform has paved its way to the top in the crypto industry. What makes Bittrex special are the APIs that have significantly improved the platform’s efficiency and have attracted many experts in the IT. Safety and Security Apart from being fast and efficient, Bittrex can also be proud of their top-notch security features. First of all, the 2FA is enabled so that Bittrex users can use Google Authenticator to ensure 100% safety of their precious accounts. This ultimately adds two whitelisting layers - IP whitelisting and Wallet whitelisting. Finally, the platform comes with another feature called crosschain recovery service. Basically, if you accidentally transfer your assets to a wallet that a stores wrong type of coin and the sum is larger than $5,000 - in such case, the funds will be restored by Bittrex - simple and effective. Ease of Use One of the ways to describe the platform’s interface is user-friendly. All the elements are clear and visible, and the main dashboard provides a great overview of cryptos along with charts for the selected ones. The website also offers easy trading options as depositing and withdrawing cryptos due to the automated monitoring system, thus making the entire experience really fast and effective. A few potential trading types include market orders, stop orders, limit orders, GTC, Fill-or-Kill, and Immediate-Or-Cancel orders. Deposit/Withdrawal In order to deposit funds to your account on the platform, you need to transfer funds from your crypto wallet that you have on an external platform. There is a possibility to buy tether from the platform, but the currently minimal amount is 100,000 USDT - so only the big players are most probable to participate. Also, for this, you need to have the “enhanced” verification of your account, which means that you will have to provide legal documents providing your personal information. The withdrawal process is also very easy and fast - it involves moving crypto from the platform to one of your external wallets. Pros and Cons Pros: Available APIs for automated trading bots The trading, deposit, and withdrawal transaction times are minimal Almost 200 cryptocurrencies supported Cons: No fiat currencies allowed Margin trading is not available
  17. tradeandholder

    Binance announced SAFU

    Binance (the leading crypto exchange), recently announced the creation of "Secure asset fund for users (SAFU)" a user safety fund in the aftermath of trading irregularities that saw at least one user purchase one syscoin for the equivalent of $625,000 (1 SYS = $0.26) in Bitcoin. Binance's lead technicians detected that this was caused by some of its API users, whose actions has triggered internal risk management system. Once the system was triggered, the company decided to put a stop to withdrawals, trading as well as other functions, until an assessment of what was really happening has been carried out. Since the problem erupted from the API keys of users, these were removed and those utilizing them were told to recreate their keys. SYS trading pairs were affected by the incident. SYS as a cryptocurrency has over 90% of its trading volume concentrated on Binance, while the token is at press time trading at $0.26, the irregular trades that saw a user pay 96 BTC for one SYS. In the announcement, Binance said that all irregular trades will be rolled back and they will be offering those affected negatively, a zero-fee trading between 5th and 14th of July to compensate them. A 70% rebate paid in BNB on trading fees will also be paid to all other Binance users. In a post, the exchange also said that, it is ready to create a SAFU: Close to the end of its update, it noted that the protection of its users is highly valued, and that it is bound to face challenges due to the explosive growth it experienced. SYS pump was no coincidence, as bad actors through a 3rd party trading bot with access to API keys could have been trying to manipulate the market. By compromising the said bot, several attempts could have been utilized by bad actors in pumping SYS, and then sell their own tokens at an inflated price. This type of attack means that both Binance and the SYS blockchain were not hacked, but a third party. We are yet to know if hackers managed to withdraw their funds, but we assume Binance somehow stopped them. Security Binance also told users not to create an API key if they don’t make use of them frequently, and to avoid any third-party service providers from having access to their keys. It further advised users to make use of its IP whitelist functionality in order to enhance security and to ensure they’re the only ones with access to their API keys. This is not the first malicious attack for Binance. Earlier this year, hackers attempted to manipulate the price of Viacoin (VIA) in a similar way. In this attack, the hackers made use of phished accounts to pump the price of VIA, so they would be able to dump their own tokens and then withdraw in BTC.
  18. Airdrops is a crypto trend that is yet to become popular - but what does it mean? In essence, airdrops are free coins given by an ICO or a company with the aim to gain free customers and start building a community. Although the practice is fairly new, there are already "airdrops hunters" who lurk and wait for great opportunities to get free coins. But there are several things you need to know before you engage in one such activity. Learn about different airdrop types There are various types of airdrops and every one of them requires something in return, and it’s not money. For example, holder airdrops requires you to hold free crypto for some time. Also, forked airdrops are the ones you get for free if a platform forks and you get free coins from the forked platform. Finally, you have bounty airdrops which are the most common ones. In essence, you have to do something to get free coins - register on the website, like a facebook page, share a video on social media, etc. Beware of the scammers Be wary of scammers as there have been recorded cases of people collecting your private info for the exchange of coins and then just going off the radar completely. Do not pay for an airdrop Airdrops are supposed to be free, so you should be avoiding any form of payments for these. Do not share your private key This is the rule applicable across the crypto industry in general. Your private key is your private information and under no circumstances should you share it with somebody else. Use a new email for airdrops Now, creating a new email address for airdrops is always a good idea in terms of the precaution taken to increase security measures. Ideally, if you have the time to do it, it’s recommended that you make a separate email for each airdrop.. Do not use one password twice This one goes without saying - many people use one password for each their account and that is plainly wrong. Always come up with new and strong passwords - and try not to forget them. In case you are prone to forgetting them, make sure to write them down on a piece of paper. Examine KYC airdrops In many cases, an ICO requires your personal data and that is okay as long as you actually plan to stick to the ICO and invest in it. However, it is too much of a risk to give your valuable info just for the airdrop. Carefully examine which pieces of info they require and research whether it is safe to apply. Use Ethereum address only for airdrops Just like using a different email, it is always wise to create a separate Ethereum address that will story only your airdrops. The thing is - all airdrops are based on ERC20 standard which means that they are built on the Ethereum platform. By using a separate address, you will increase your security and minimize the chances of your coins being stolen.
  19. The word whale appeared in crypto and it marks a person who is very rich and can alter the market by trading crypto in great volumes. Due to the fact that the market cap of cryptocurrencies is relatively small when compared to different sectors, the actions that whales take can be a signal for other investors. The "whale" term is actually not new although it became popular worldwide recently. It was used for the first time for one of the traders who worked at J.P. Morgan to mark some of his investments and losses that were in billions. The total market cap of all cryptos is currently aimed at $260 billion, which is not a lot. However, this gave way to several whales who can change the value of all digital assets a lot. Therefore, everyone who is either an active investor or plans to start investing or trading crypto should be introduced to the "whales of crypto" and follow their steps carefully. Who are "The Whales" of Bitcoin? The current whales who own millions of dollars in this cryptocurrency are people who were among the first to buy the bitcoin when it was cheap and completely new. But they are not the only ones, as many individuals who are already in the two-comma or even three-comma club joined and bought a lot of coins themselves. The fact remains that only 1000 people in this world currently has 40% of all the bitcoin that currently exists. If we were to follow the analogy of the whales, it can be concluded that there are millions of little fish as well. One of the most famous examples how bitcoin can change its value from a whale can be seen in the actions of Nobuaki Kobayashi, a CEO of the former exchange platform Mt. Gox. At one point he sold as much as 36000 BTC and these transactions directly affected the price of bitcoin right away by lowering them. Are there whales for altcoins? Yes, there are. If you plan to invest in a smaller altcoin, it is always a good idea to see whether there are whales there. Also, take a look at the buying/selling activities of this altcoin as those coins, which have a market cap less than $100 million, are very likely to be heavily impacted by the activity of the whales. How to monitor whale trading? The first thing to do is to follow the wallet addresses of the big whales for a specific crypto and see if something changes. Also, you should follow their wallets on the big exchange sites and even read the news about them. The math is quite easy here - if you spot something that is not really the amount an ordinary trader would buy or sell, you might have caught a whale activity. Sadly, the whales have become much more aware that they can be tracked which resulted in them finding various different methods to trade undercover.
  20. Vitalik Buterin, a 24-year-old millionaire and the man behind the Ethereum project, made a comment on the state of things in the cryptocurrency industry, paying special attention to the blockchain technology and bitcoin bubble. First of all, Buterin condemned the new bitcoin “millionaires” for their stance towards other bitcoin enthusiasts. He said that had been very lucky to buy bitcoin before it became popular - a reason not strong enough for them to think they were smarter than the rest of the people who started buying bitcoin once the bubble emerged. Also, Buterin added that his 23 Lambos and five mansions were not a result of mere luck but that he had managed to hold through and play it smart rather than relying on luck. Buterin made a few comments in the past regarding the “When Lambo?” trend that was ongoing among the people who eventually became cryptocurrency millionaires. Vitalik stated that he did not rely on these crypto schemes where people believe they can get rich quickly just by trading cryptocurrencies. Is Bitcoin in a bubble? There is a huge debate going on whether bitcoin is a bursting bubble. Many skeptics would dismiss such claims, while Buterin believes that there is a possibility of the bubble bursting and that the bubble-like environment is created. Nevertheless, the confidence levels do not drop when the overall crypto future is in question. In fact, Buterin is extremely positive regarding his Ethereum project - a blockchain-based platform whose current value has been estimated at $125 billion. The CEO of Ethereum also expressed his enthusiasm when it comes to mainstream investments that are entering the blockchain industry. He believes that finance, healthcare, and even the entertaining industry can be changed for the better with this growing technology. Buterin even stated that the Rockefellers were already investing in startups and that it was just a matter of time when the pension funds and endowments from universities become a way to invest funds in this technology. Buterin Wants to “Positively Impact” Lives Buterin does not hide that he donates a lot of money to charity. According to his words, this is exactly what separates wheat from chaff, meaning his goal is much more deeper than mere hoarding of money that many young millionaires pursue. He stated that he did not enjoy his fame as it had gone to the point where it started being more annoying and counterproductive rather than being inspirational. Some of the famous donations and contributions made by Buterin include a $1 million donation to a non-profit group from East Africa that helps refugees in several African countries. Furthermore, he donated $2.4 million in SENS, a foundation from Silicon Valley that focuses on researching cures for age-related diseases. Vitalik has stated on several occasions that his main goal in life is not to become rich but to impact the world in a positive manner. This is primarily the reason why he donated the aforementioned sum to SENS. Apart from being focused on helping the humanity, he also said that it was important to enjoy life as much as possible and that it would be the main thing he would do if he were to live an eternal life.
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    How to safeguard your bitcoins

    If you finally decided to buy Bitcoin and you are wondering about keeping them safe, you probably have a “virtual safe” in mind. It is only logical to think about such thing, but the reality is a bit different. Let’s take a look at the possible ways to make this cryptocurrency safe. The thing with bitcoins is that you cannot actually “store” them. Unlike the traditional assets which are represented in the physical form through paper money and coins (or have their value in gold), bitcoins cannot really be locked in a safe to be protected from the robbers. In fact, bitcoins are accessed through the “digital keys” which act simply like an URL address and through which you can access the bitcoins. Therefore, the real question behind bitcoins’ security is actually the question of these keys’ security. These are mainly known as Bitcoin addresses and they have a public and a private key. A public key is there to be given to other people, while you will be the sole holder of your private keys. The system is much similar to that of the e-mail address - everyone can see it, but not everyone will be able to see the content of your inbox. In that manner, your public key is used mainly for sending your bitcoins and others cannot really access your wallet and steal your money through it. Therefore, you must be the only owner of the private key. But what then? What if someone gets hold of your private keys? Can they be stolen? Well, there are several methods with which this key can be protected. Password protection The most basic one is the password protection - just like the password you need for your email or Facebook account - you come up with a string of characters that you try to remember. But these are considered weak nowadays and can be easily hacked by computer hackers or malware. Offline Another way to prevent your private key from being stolen is to keep it offline. That’s why many people opt for offline ledgers where these keys are stored and nobody from the web can access them. Multisignature addresses One of the most innovative ways to make your Bitcoins safe is to to use the multisignature addresses. This means that one wallet can have several addresses which are held by several different people. Whenever someone tries to access bitcoins and make a transaction, this has to be authorized by other holders of the address. This security measure makes transaction processes very slow, which can become really annoying if you just want to make a small transaction. The best approach would certainly be to utilize every security measure possible. However, they will affect some other aspects of your bitcoins in order to keep the safety levels at the highest point. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which ones you will implement and whether you are ready to sacrifice other features for the sake of safety.
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    Kraken Review

    Kraken is a US exchange platform that is currently estimated as the leading platform when it comes to euros trade volume. In addition, they also pay close attention to security measures. Thi puts them on the top as the best-protected crypto exchange in the world, according to many crypto enthusiasts. Fees The fees are usually paid by the takes and they may vary depending on the type and amounts of cryptocurrency traded. However, the fees on the platform are generally considered low and may go anywhere between 0.1% and 0.35%. However, less popular cryptos and altcoins may have fees which can go up to 0.75%. The takers also pay the fees which are significantly lower and may vary from 0.16% to 0%. When it comes to deposit and withdrawal fees, it is safe to state that the fees are minimal to non-existent. In other words, deposits are usually completely free but there are several minor altcoins which may charge you a small amount. On the other hand, the withdrawal fees may vary and are overall considered low if we exclude bitcoin fees which are 0.001 BTC. History of Kraken Kraken was founded in 2011 and its current headquarters are in San Francisco. Their goal is to include as many cryptos as possible and, since their beginnings, they have been adding new altcoins every once in a while. Kraken also offers a wide variety of trades such as margin trading, limit orders, and stop loss orders. Safety and Security Apart from immediately transferring deposits to cold wallets to be stored offline, this exchange platform also encrypts every wallet with the latest technology. There are also several other factors which improve the overall security system such as 2FA (2-Factor Authentication, Info-leakage protection, PGP/GPG email encryption, global setting lock, etc. Ease of use Everything was slick and simple until - the interface. In simple words, the interface can be described as confusing and even advanced users take some time to start getting around and use the website to its fullest potential. That said, trading is only available through the desktop website and there are no apps available for the platform at the moment. Deposit/Withdrawal Cryptos are transferred via external wallets just like on every other exchange platform. The complications begin with fiat currencies - euros, to be precise. There is no possibility to use credit or transfer cards and you can only transfer euros via bank transfer. However, further limitations exist here as you can only use Fidor Bank AG SEPA, Fidor Bank AG Wire Transfer, and SMBC (SWIFT). Also, in order to transfer euros, you need Tier 2 verification, except for Japan and Germany which require Tier 3 verification. Pros and Cons Pros: Relatively low fees Great security measures - possibly the best in the industry A lot of trading options available and many fiat and cryptocurrencies are included Cons: Limited options for deposit and withdrawal The interface is a bit confusing
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    GDAX Review

    If you know about Coinbase, the most popular crypto exchange platform, you are probably going to like one of their daughter exchanges called GDAX. It pretty much looks like and operates like Coinbase but with a few minor yet important differences. The biggest difference is the target audience. While Coinbase tries to adapt to all levels, GDAX mainly keeps its interface designed for advanced users and high-volume traders. Fees Although the platform aims at advanced users, the fees are still pretty low. Makers do not need to pay for the service while takers pay 0.25% fee for the minimal trading volume. However, it can lower down to 0.15% for greater volumes. The fees mentioned above mainly apply to bitcoin. The downside to this website is that different altcoins have different fees. Therefore, ether or litecoin have a 0.3% fee for takers which can go down to 0.1% in the cases of high-volume trading Deposit and withdrawal fees are completely free unless you decide to go via SEPA or USD Wire Transfer. SEPA fees include $0.15 for both deposit and withdrawal while wire deposit is $10 and wire withdrawal is $25. History of GDAX The platform was created in 2015 by the same team that created Coinbase and it generally allows for a wide variety of orders to be executed, including even the good ‘till canceled order. There are currently only four cryptos available for trade - bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ether. However, each can be traded for US dollars and euros, thereby making this platform very trade specific but still very popular. Safety and Security GDAX security measures are one of the best qualities of this platform. They store 98% of all the funds in cold wallets while the 2% only are online for the insurance. They also have a few other methods of insurance protection. The safety measures are high as well and include 2FA, SSL encryption, AES-256 wallet encryption, and a security check for all the employees with their hard drives encrypted. Ease of Use The platform is well-laid, clear, and responsive - ultimately one of the best when it comes to the ease of use. Although it is primarily designed for advanced users, trading on the platform is a really enjoyable experience and everything is just a few clicks away. Deposit/Withdrawal Depositing of euros is conducted via SEPA bank transfer while USD are deposited with ACH deposit. Since the website is connected to Coinbase, it means that currency transferring from one site to another is completely free of charge. GDAX has the withdrawal limit of $10,000 per day. Pros and Cons Pros: The interface is well-laid and easy to use Fees are unexpectedly low Strong connection with Coinbase Cons: Only 4 cryptocurrencies are currently accepted There is a daily withdrawal limit
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    Bitstamp Review

    Bitstamp, a crypto exchange located in the UK and registered in Luxembourg, is a crypto exchange platform with a long history of trading, currently being the longest open exchange among them all. According to the Bitstamp’s agenda, they don’t have particular target audience - both complete beginners and experienced traders can use it as it offers an easy-to-use interface and allows fiat to crypto trading (and vice versa). Fees Bitstamp has a very complicated structure of fees. But don’t let that scare you away, as they are considered cheap in comparison to numerous other crypto exchanges. If you plan to deposit or withdraw crypto, your will be more than happy to know that there are no fees for these services except 0.1% if you use the BitGo Instant withdrawal method. However, deposits are charged with fiat currencies and each international bank transfer will result in a 0.05% deposit fee and a 0.09% withdrawal fee. The minimum deposit/withdrawal fees are €7.50 and €15 respectively. The trading fees are 0.25% but can go lower if the volume on a monthly basis is increased. History of Bitstamp Bitstamp was founded in August 2011 and it offers both advanced trading and simple trading. The included cryptos are bitcoin, ripple, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and ether. As for the fiat currencies allowed on the platform, these are USD, GBP, and EUR. It has gone a long way since its beginnings and is now among the top 10 exchange platforms in the world. Safety and Security Unfortunately, the platform’s reputation was a bit ruined because of the major security breach in 2015 when 19,000 bitcoins were stolen. On a more positive side, the platform has really improved their security since and ranks very high at the moment. Apart from various authentications and safety measures, the platform also stores 98% of the crypto offline in cold wallets. Also, multi-signature wallets were introduced after the breach and now you need several private keys for your transactions to be processed. There are yearly audits from the EU that are formulated to check the overall functionality and security of the platform. Ease of Use Despite the fact the website is well-defined and easy to navigate through, it still requires a certain level of improvement as it looks like there hasn’t been any since its foundation. Nevertheless, it still offers a great overview and the trading options are just a few clicks away. Deposit/Withdrawal The best option this platform can offer is definitely a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. You can use bank wire transfers, SEPA bank transfers, and even credit and debit cards for depositing and withdrawal. The platform also offers the option to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies via their respective wallets. Pros and Cons Pros: A number of different deposit and withdrawal methods available Great fees for a platform of such reputation The EU makes sure that everything runs under control in the exchange They had a security breach in 2015 and they repaid their users Cons: Not many cryptocurrencies are included The user interface is a bit old-fashioned
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    Learn how to defend from hacker attacks

    The world of cryptocurrency has seen the rise of online attacks in the past few months. The main reason behind this was a jump in the bitcoin price. This made online criminals shift their attention from scams and dark web purchases to plainly hacking the accounts with huge amounts of bitcoin. Since bitcoin and all other altcoins are a fairly new technology, they are still quite vulnerable and if you happen to be an owner of bitcoin, make sure to take the appropriate steps for protection. First of all, make sure to educate yourself on the possible threats and the ways to avoid them. Cybersecurity advances as fast as other technology and it is the overall lack of knowledge among the people that is the main result of them getting scammed or robbed. It is a broad field and devoting a little bit of your time on that every day will have positive results on your overall safety and security. Secondly, do not tell people that you are a bitcoin holder. Not everyone needs to know that you have digital assets as the word of mouth can be detrimental at times - particularly this time. It will not be long before someone who you might even know tries to deprive you of your riches. This means that you should not take pictures with your wallet or talk to random strangers in bars. There is simply no positive aspect of bragging about your bitcoins as soon as you realize that feeding your ego is a small price to pay compared to protecting your assets. Also, avoid posting the address of your wallet anywhere online. The main reason for that is to not let anyone know about the amount you have. If you have an address posted somewhere online, criminals will be able to access your amount and filter you as a potential future target of theirs. If you have the need to post an address for purposes such as donation, make sure that you do not have many bitcoins in that wallet. Another possible way for the criminals to see your wealth is through transactions as they are mostly public. Therefore, in order to make them more difficult to trace, you might want to consider things such as a coin mixer, or simply making transactions via anonymous cryptocurrencies. The final strategy would involve you carrying a wallet with a small amount in comparison to your overall cryptocurrency wealth. In case of physical abduction, the kidnappers may settle for the amount that you have with you and you might get out without serious consequences. To sum up, owners of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies need to pay special attention to the way they handle their money and the way they protect it. The popularity of cryptocurrencies has attracted both hackers and traditional robbers who will not hesitate to do everything in their power to successfully obtain the bitcoins of the victim that they have previously selected.