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  1. badger

    How to identify accumulation phase

    This is very helpful to see @blakicious. I also want to know what he asked? Thanks.
  2. 10 years is a huge timespan.
  3. badger

    HODL or SODL

    Hi guys, what's your take on current market, you think we're going lower? Bitcoin is at 1/3 of it's ATH 😟
  4. badger

    Network Value to Transaction (NVT)

    Thanks for the links, I'll study those with my friend who is a mathematician and we will see if we can come up with more personalized charts. I'll let you guys know if we cook something good out of it
  5. I was going over his tweets recently and as I saw he was really rude to others. Applying this to leadership to a project like litecoin, I don't see a possibility for litecoin to succeed. Just my thoughts. 🙄
  6. badger

    Crypto Auctions: Where Do Arrested Bitcoins End Up?

    Scary if it's true. They can take your bitcoins no matter if you're involved or not. 😟
  7. badger

    How to start cloud mining

    thanks for sharing
  8. badger

    I'm buying DNT based on Crypto Rand

    I'm up 30% thank you all for sharing your thoughts.
  9. badger

    Network Value to Transaction (NVT)

    Does that mean value of some coin will go up in the future?
  10. badger


    Good to know that spotty. mountedor if you want more coins, go to binance!
  11. badger

    I'm buying DNT based on Crypto Rand

    I'm up 20% already. I don't think it's too late to buy some sammyz but I'm not an expert.
  12. badger

    All about patterns

    How does the rising wedge works? How do you measure the length of a breakout when it breaks?
  13. badger

    PundiX (PXS)

    Damn if I bought like I thought I'd be up around 50% from last week