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  1. leonidis

    What is Blockchain and how it works

    even I understood it very well explained blockchain.
  2. leonidis

    My daytrading looked like year ago...

    Congrats blakicious! Keep us posted with gains like that
  3. leonidis

    Cryptocurrency Terms

    Omg for most of them I didn't know what they mean.
  4. leonidis

    Is it possible to collapse

    Why ICOs need regulation?
  5. leonidis

    BTC/USD road to $100k

    hundred thousand? I really don't think that is going to happen
  6. leonidis

    BTC/USD comparison to previous bubble

    @cryptofreak and how I know if I bought a shitty coin? In every one of them I saw potential.
  7. leonidis

    BTC/USD comparison to previous bubble

    hope so...when I get in everything just collapsed
  8. leonidis

    Cryptocurrencies tracker

    sorry its good to know what people actually have not what they recomend
  9. leonidis

    Cryptocurrencies tracker

    I like coinmarket too but don't know anymore which coin to get... there are so many which one you bought for longterm investment?
  10. leonidis

    Analysis tools

    soooo...if I don't trade every day is better to invest longterm?
  11. leonidis

    Analysis tools

    ??? I though I can make some money even if I don't stay up all night and trade...day time is just impossible. How you can do it?
  12. leonidis

    Analysis tools

    there are so many...I don't have so much time can you suggest what and where to track once or twice a week