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  1. Here are some stats for those ICOs: Image from: cointelligence More than 500 cryptocurrency startups, ICOs, were launched last year (2017) and that same trend has continued this year. As at September this year, 2018, more than 530 ICOs have been launched and over $12B raised. The ICO economy is facing some issues One major issue facing the ICO economy is their bad economic policies. Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs don’t consider their token's future properly. Liquidity is an important parameter for all financial assets, which shows how quick an asset can be converted into cash. In summary, it tells us how fast you can purchase or sell something. Taking a look at the cryptocurrency market , you might discover the extremely-low liquidity of most tokens. However, this article will be focusing on liquidity of tokens that raised at least $50 million in their ICO. Dragon (a recent project) is the 6th largest ICO in history, after it raised more than $420M. Paragon is another amazing project. Its founders realised over $183M in investments. Now the token's trading volume doesn’t surpass $100k on exchanges. Due to this reason, token circulation is low, most tokens are held in wallets and have less than 1% of the total amount being circulated. Are Exchange Listings really that effective? Most ICOs have been listed on exchanges and have different trading pairs. A general rule says that, a large sum of money is required for listings to take place. News concerning new listings results in increase in prices and also motivates people to trade. But come to think of it, are listings really that effective? Project TenX's PAY token, has 36 trading pairs and is listed on 22 exchanges. However, all alone, Bithumb accounts for about 32% of deals with the token. The crypto community is facing a serious negative effect as a result of these liquidity problems. People have started losing trust in ICOs. At some point, some people may want a refund of their money, but it will be difficult to sell the assets. No time is left and the profit is gone. The motivation to invest in the crypto industry suddenly vanishes. This current situation can be improved upon. The founders should make either some real product or minimum viable product (MVP) and then consider the roadmap. People will lose faith in the project, if the startup doesn’t show any sign of progress for a long time. When tokens are traded on crypto exchanges, the price falls. This is because, these exchanges try to eliminate the coins. If the token is listed on some exchanges, and the product is live, founders must encourage the users to purchase the token on their platform and then link it to exchanges. The token's liquidity will be increased because users will be able to trade the token and use it on the platform.
  2. As a crypto investor, you might want to make use of some new promising coins in order to diversify your portfolio. Below is a list of big ICOs, scheduled for early 2019. MenaPay ICO This ICO is scheduled to commence on 15th January 2019 and end on three months later, March 15th 2019. MenaPay is a payment gateway in Africa and the middle east and it is blockchain based. MenaPay aims to replace payments made traditionally with a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency. This platform, utilizing the blockchain will link customers directly with merchants. It will be possible for merchants to integrate on their platforms, MenaPay's technology. Due to price instability and cash-out issues, a good number of merchants have been finding it difficult to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option on their platform. This led the developers to create MenaCash. The coin can be seen as a stablecoin, due to the fact that its value is fully backed by the U.S dollar. OCEAN Poseidon Foundation This ICO is scheduled to commence on February 16th, 2019 and end on March 24th 2019. Ocean Poseidon is an organization focused at reducing the emissions of carbon footprints. With Poseidon’s blockchain platform, users will be able to transact in grams, carbon credits. Unlike so many projects that utilize Ethereum’s blockchain, Poseidon’s token will be making use of the Stellar Platform. Geon Network ICO Its ICO is scheduled to commence on January 31st 2019 and end on March 31st 2019. The Geon platform aims to redefine reality by expanding it through the implementation of Augmented Reality Technology. With this platform, users will be able to create real-life Geons which will help them transfer value easily. Geon's native currency is the Geon token (GEON). It is an ERC20 based token issued by the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can buy Geon coins using GEON as well as exchange value with other users. HotCoin ICO This ICO is scheduled to start on January 21st 2019 and end on March 21st 2019. They also have a pre-ICO which starts on January 7th 2019 and ends on January 21st 2019. HotCoin is a payment solution that supports privacy, accessibility and trust in the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry. HotCoin makes use of the blockchain algorithm of Ethereum’s ERC20 blockchain. The team behind this project claims that their token allows users to utilize adult websites and services. They plan to implement some other products like VR and AR solutions, a payment gateway and a HotCoin wallet. RAWG ICO The ICO is scheduled to commence on March 1st 2019 and end two weeks later on 15th March 2019. Its pre-sale started on 22nd May 2018 which will end on 1st March 2019. RAWG is a video game database as well as a discovery platform that features over 50,000 titles from several popular gaming platforms. Gamers will be rewarded with RAWG tokens for in-game feats from their favourite games. Also, advertisers can purchase ads on the RAWG platform using RAWG tokens, so as to reach players. HyperionX (TREE) ICO Their ICO is scheduled to commence on 20th February 2019 and end on 31st December 2019. HyperionX will use token called TREE which will be equivalent to 0.04 USD. HyperionX is a market place and a unique organic community that assists users in watching ads as well as completing surveys. HyperionX aim to develop a free marketplace and a decentralized ecosystem, whereby for carrying several activities, people will be able to create contents as well as receive tokens. As users continue to use HyperionX, new features and dApps will be unlocked which will create alternative ways of communicating with the community.
  3. Ernst & Young gave a recent report revealing that about one-third of all cryptocurrencies financed through online fundraisers such as ICOs, have lost almost all their value while most of them are trading significantly below their trading price. Data for the report was from 141 cryptocurrency projects which issued their tokens in 2017 through ICOs. It revealed that both the ICO tokens and the cryptos established earlier were significantly affected by the crypto crash that happened in 2018. The report revealed that 86% of projects analyzed have fallen below their listing prices on the aggregated markets. This indicates that, despite the fact a good number of projects in 2017 made great gains towards the close of the year, they have been affected by the bear market. In 2017, an unprecedented rise was seen in the crypto market, led by Bitcoin whose price rose from $800 in January 2017 to almost $20k in December 2017. This rise in price was led by euphoria that swept through the whole markets, with the throwing in of money by investors at any crypto-related project requesting it. A market crash and a continuous bear market where the price of Bitcoin fell to under $6k in February. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $6470. Most of these cryptocurrencies that the markets hyped and took large amounts of investor’s money has lost strength or momentum, with reports revealing that 71% of ICO projects in 2017 still lack a functional product. In addition to most ICOs not showing signs of having a promising future for investors, most of them accepted fiat currency for their services, which devalues their tokens. Brody said that the ICO market is experiencing a worse state compared to that experienced in the late 1990s by dot com market, where very great sales volume and spikes in stock price was experienced by some useless startups, before shutting down later on.
  4. icoman

    HODL or SODL

    If you check prices today, BTC is still worth the same if not even more. Currently trading at $6700. HODL? 😙
  5. icoman

    Outsourcing ICOs

    The cryptocurrency ecosystem is just developing and as a result, adoption is a bit slow. According to studies, it was revealed that only 8% of people hold cryptocurrency investments in the US in comparison to the number of emerging blockchain startups and projects. This could be because of their regulations, but that's another story. While this is not good for investors who cannot differentiate the good and bad projects, it is even far more difficult for blockchain startups striving to prove themselves. These companies encounter different problems: from strict regulations on ICOs in the future to the bans on ICOs (in countries such as China). There is also a risk of being hacked that brings FUD to investors. Adoption which might be quite slow will improve over time just the same way it happens with the adoption of any new technological field. When this happens, blockchain startups must get ready for the load on their networks and the large number of new customers who will be in search of services to patronize. This implies that the major work should be based on scalability, operation and security. In areas like marketing and customer service that are as important as the tech, there may also be gaps. What can be done by blockchain startups to make sure that all areas of the business are well managed without cluttering their systems? It’s a simple answer which is, outsourcing to well-equipped firms to offer out-of-the-box token funding solutions. What are out-of-the box solutions? Mike Raitsyn of Snowfox Technologies said that, out-of-the-box solutions are the "products that significantly reduce the process of preparing for ICO/STO, thanks to ready-made solutions necessary for the entire process of selling tokens." These include payment processing, KYC / AML / PEP user verification, cryptocurrency processing, data processing and investor verification. Raitsyn said: "Our solution already includes KYC/ AML, cryptocurrency processing, marketing tools, loyalty programs, a system of promotional codes and work with influencers- all that is needed to make private and public sale in the most convenient way for the token holders and the ICO itself." What to consider in Blockchain Solutions Providers The choice of which company will handle your ICO is a step that can either mar or make the whole process a successful one. A company that does not share your vision will surely lead to poorer results than expected. There are certain factors to be considered when looking for a company to outsource your ICO. A wide scope of functionality Asides your company’s ICO you have to consider factors such as smart contract design, technicalities and analytics. It is better to select a blockchain solutions firm having a wide scope of functionality on a single platform. Ability to offer top-notch security In order to avoid theft of any kind, any company in charge of your ICO should value security just like you do, securities such as investor authentication, verification and every other forms of security. An interest in innovation An innovative blockchain solutions firm will have a good view of how the industry is changing as well as help you see problems that are likely to come up in the future. This factor is very important for a blockchain startup especially at this very early stage of the industry. Snowfox Technologies and other similar companies provide on their platforms essential services and features which has played a vital role in the success of ICO campaigns. Among those are: Additional security which includes KYC/ AML and support against DDoS attacks Creation of ERC-20 tokens with special bonuses and discounts Correct estimation of statistics, ROI and other relevant analytics Development and management of blockchain-based web applications and smart contracts Coverage of the whole ICO process, from the planning stage to its execution and promotion Continuous support throughout the whole process Ratisyn gave a hint about the opportunities to come saying: "People are ready to go towards the blockchain industry, to study, receive knowledge and constantly learning new skills, opening new horizons for their projects and developing the technologies worldwide.”
  6. icoman

    Viber Rakuten Coin

    Short history Viber is a globally adopted messaging app used for instant messaging and voice over. Viber originated from Israel, but in 2014, Rakuten (the Japanese online giant) bought it for $900 million, and at present has gained recognition having over a billion registered users globally. Back in February, its parent company which announced its intentions to introduce Rakuten Coin based on its current loyalty program, has been reportedly studying Russian law so as to launch the token through Viber in Russia by 2019. According to the Russian news agency Tass, Djamel Agaoua (CEO of Viber) told a reporter on Tuesday: “Our mother company is creating Rakuten Coin: cryptocurrency, which is supported by the entire Rakuten ecosystem. This Rakuten Coins will be tradeable in Viber and the token will appear in the Viber wallet. Very soon you will be able to send some Rakuten Coin and to trade Rakuten Coins against rubles, dollars and euros.” A lot of messaging apps have their own tokens For some time now, top communication apps have been involved in the crypto ecosystem. Kik Messenger, which is very popular among the teenagers, had more than 300 million users registered on its platform in 2017. For its Kin token, it raised almost $100 million from over 10 thousand ICO investors in 117 countries. In addition, early this year, a massive $1.7 billion was raised by Telegram from a small group of investors in the early part of this year, in anticipation of an ICO that was not eventually necessary.
  7. icoman

    HODL or SODL

    Six years of returns from BTC: 900x from June 2012 60x from June 2013 11x from June 2014 25x from June 2015 10x from June 2016 2.5x from June 2017
  8. icoman

    HODL or SODL

    A lot of people are angry in 2018. 1st half of the year and we have seen nothing but bear market. Since it's too early to tell, I think patience will be paid of.
  9. icoman

    Cryptocurrency baskets

    Cryptocurrency baskets are becoming more popular For investors lacking the patience, knowledge and time required to sift through hundreds of cryptocurrencies, there’s a much easier way. Crypto baskets helps traders to snap up a large number of digital assets all at once, without having to manage them independently. This year, there has been a great increase in the number of platforms offering token baskets. A bountiful basket of Crypto Assets 2018 has been marked to be the year of security tokens, after failing to achieve this in 2017. However, there’s still time to make this prediction correct, but for now, crypto baskets is the big token trend of 2018. So far, crypto baskets have been used for entry level tokens like ETH and LTC. Investors are exposed to all GDAX listed assets, made possible by the Coinbase Index Fund; however, since they are only composed of different weights of BCH, LTC, ETH and BTC, just a little imagination can be seen. Retail investors have no entry path; to buy in will cost you a minimum of $250,000. However, not all basket-based services are exclusive. Many Tokens, One Basket On 5th June, a basket created in line with coinmetrics.io was released by Flipside Crypto (free service is in the link). Eight Proof of Work coins were present in this smart contracts basket. New baskets were created at the break of each new day and rated according to its developer activity, volatility as well as other metrics involved. There’s a project making use of a unique method in serving up collateralized baskets of tokens: This Project is called Set Protocol. With the aid of smart contracts, Sets of ERC 20 tokens can be grouped together and then making use of a single token, can be exchanged. Other projects such as the First Crypto Traded Fund (FCTF) hopes to reduce the price of 10 digital assets to match the price of a single token. Also, token holders can benefit from fees that was paid top a Dash masternode in theory. Crypto baskets, as a new alternative to trading, are yet to be widely accepted; infact they are viewed to be most suitable for new traders. They are also in competition with token based projects that gives traders the opportunity of following the paths of veteran traders and gaining profits in form of additional tokens.
  10. icoman

    Energi earndrop

    Not exactly an airdrop, but they are fairly new and they enabled "earndrops" today for following, liking, sharing,... up to 100 energi tokens for the first 20000 participants, then 50 for next 10000 participants, and so on. https://www.energi.world
  11. icoman

    Cryptocurrency Terms

    Staking - is the Proof of Stake version of mining. It's just like making dividends on your stock. The reward rate and staking method differ greatly among Proof of Stake coins, but in general, it takes much less effort as compared to mining, usually just holding coins on your private wallet.
  12. icoman

    Stellar platform

    I'm down with that.
  13. In recent days Ethereum has gained around 100000 new addresses daily while in December more than 200000 per day. In just over a year address growth has increased by 1000 %. Since December, the total number of new addresses has doubled, rising above 35 million, meaning it's overthrown Bitcoin by 7 million, which stands at 24 million addresses. Addresses doesn’t really correspond to actual ethereans or bitcoiners, because nobody knows how many users own how many addresses. On one hand, some people might have many addresses, while on the other hand, some might be making use of exchanges and might not withdraw from it to a separate blockchain address. Going from fiat to the exchange then ETH to fiat again without the individual making use of the blockchain. The latter is likely to happen because Coinbase singlehandedly has about 20 million users while Japan’s FSA has disclosed that exchanges there have about 3.5 million users. The number of addresses that are active could be a more complete statistic. For the first time ever, Ethereum has successfully surpassed Bitcoin in that respect, having 555000 active addresses compared to Bitcoin’s 472000. Having half a million active on-chain users tells us that cryptos are very small despite the amount of attention it received back in December. There has been a comparison between: the early importance of internet websites and the number of ethereum smart contracts based on dApps. Just like the slow dial-up in the past where Bill Gates mentioned that 64kb is enough for all, same way we have slow public blockchains which cannot process much data. However, constant incremental developments could have great cummulative effects. But as it stands, this space is still very small, and within this space, Ethereum has the most active user base.
  14. Someone made a web app where line goes from Summer 2017 where John McAfee predicted that BTC will be worth 1 million dollars by the end of 2020. At his press time BTC was ~$2255 . So he drew a linear line to $1000000 and overlayed it with current price, so we can see when we are under/over "predicted" price. 😂 https://bircoin.top/
  15. icoman

    Mobile crypto tools

    Blockfolio is the best. They should make it preinstalled on a blockchain-based phone.