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Everything posted by sergejmakarov518

  1. sergejmakarov518

    Litecoin's Lightning network surpasses 1,000 channels

    I recommend that everyone who is engaged in mining pay attention to these tariffs, here is the price https://smart-mining.com/en/prices/?ref=165 I myself work at one of the tariffs and everything is fine. The price is inexpensive, the power is high, everything works stably and lane with comfort.
  2. sergejmakarov518

    Consider Cryptocurrencies as Forex Trading Exchange Markets

    I have been trading in Forex for more than three years and one of my favorite sites, so to speak, is this one https://safetradebinaryoptions.com You, as a beginner, should definitely read some headings. They explain in clear language about forex, where to start and what to pay attention to the beginner. I advise you to get training, it is free. There is also a heading "Brokers Rating" with a description of each broker and traders reviews about them.
  3. sergejmakarov518

    Bitfury set to launch Bitcoin Mining facilities in Paraguay

    I think that the crypt has a very big future, many use the cryptocurrency, and quite successfully. I get to know a lot of current news from this https://coinconomist.com/en/ site, everything is about bitcoin, exchangers, and of course what is best to pay attention to. So this site is very useful.
  4. sergejmakarov518

    FlyMining: Bitcoin Cloud Mining

    - Minimum electricity: $ 0.12 / THs / day - Extraction of coins of two types: Bitcoin and Ethereum - Webcams online https://flymining.cloud/webcams - There is an income calculator with data that was yesterday: https://flymining.cloud/calculator - I recommend everyone to use my promo code for a 5% additional bonus for hashrate 5L7RVT More information can be found here: https://flymining.cloud
  5. sergejmakarov518

    Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum

    I won for a long time for mining and get a good profit. All this thanks to a favorable tariff and a company that provides energy and energy. I advise you to see the price list https://smart-mining.com/en/prices/?ref=165