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  1. Well I'm down a lot. There might be no point reading my thought but anyway: We are going down because we went up too much (well not too much in my case but still), so the market needs to correct. I thought 6000 was the bottom 😕but apparently we are in the low 4000 as of now... so bounce soon?
  2. oneXghost

    What are your thoughts on ZEC?

    Both Zcash and Monero are doing privacy for transactions. Since Monero has extremely low fees now, do you think ZCash is still necessary?
  3. Monero got an upgrade (Bulletproof fork) and after that fees dropped to record low 2 cents. That's extremely low for a privacy coin. Here is a coinmetrics chart showing fee drop to July 2016 lows Bulletproof is a technology launched in early 2018 to make cryptocurrencies more confidential by enhancing the transaction privacy by shrinking the cryptographic proofs size. Before that Monero network was using ring confidential transactions functionality for its privacy. Now with Bulletproof the size of transactions will reduce and this means also lower fees.
  4. oneXghost

    Binance hack today - buying overpriced SYS

    😯how were the hackers able to push price so high?
  5. At least they made tracking official this time 👏 I don't understand why index BCH among BTC which is not even 1 year old and not something like XRP which has been here for a couple of years 🤨
  6. oneXghost

    Someone Poisoned John McAfee

    What's up with this guy, he's always having or making problems 😂 anyway I hope he is ok.
  7. oneXghost

    HODL or SODL

    6 thousand per BTC must be the bottom. I bought way up so I HODL.
  8. oneXghost

    Analysis tools

    https://www.coinschedule.com/stats.html has a nice stats of all ICOs for different years 2016 till now. Also by category, which we can see how things shifted from 2017 -> 18, for example category Infrastructure was 25% in 2017, this year it's barely 5%. 🤔
  9. EURUSD dropped a lot in the last week, from 1.20 to 1.15. USD is weak.
  10. oneXghost

    Crypto51 - PoW 51% Attack Cost tool

    What is the purpose of 51 attack? What does it do?
  11. oneXghost

    How to avoid scam ICOs

    Found this scam team on twitter: If you google search this woman you will see nothing comes out. 🤨
  12. oneXghost

    NEO breaking up (Crypto Rand)

    Are you sure you didn't get it? On what exchange are you?
  13. oneXghost

    Mt.Gox failed us again

    Hackers stole all that money, more than 10 billions worth. No wonders feds want to hunt all coins down. 🤨
  14. oneXghost

    Network Value to Transaction (NVT)

    Does it has to be high number or low to know it's undervalued?