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  1. sammyz

    Best ETH meme :)

    I found this one on reddit, funny for all ETH holders 😂 eth-holder.mp4
  2. I heard they delayed it until February? Why?
  3. sammyz

    Lightning Network progress

    This looks like a huge network, does that mean all are connected to the stores?
  4. sammyz

    List of ICOs scheduled for early 2019

    Thanks for sharing! I find MenaPay useful in real world, what about you?
  5. sammyz

    ETH/USDT 01-06-2018

    I'm glad I sold half of what I owned way above 500 dollars 🙃
  6. sammyz

    Someone Poisoned John McAfee

    He dead?
  7. sammyz

    EOS drama - BP paid $10k/day didn't have time to work

    Security should be their top concern! I don't like these projects.
  8. sammyz

    HODL or SODL

    We are doomed. I sold half of my ETH at 650 that I bought above 1000 and I'm glad I did that because we are going way lower! You all should do the same.
  9. sammyz


    Charlie Lee had an interview with CNBC today, stating "current situation (bear market) can last 3 years or it can end tomorrow" and in his opinion it will end soon. 😅
  10. sammyz

    Do I own a shitcoin? tool

    http://doiownashitcoin.com funny tool
  11. sammyz

    Breakout trading strategy

    Thank you for this post. I'm buying when it drops but my problem is that I go in too soon. I'll study this, thanks again!
  12. sammyz

    Ethereum stated as not security, by SEC Chairman

    Time for ETH to go up!
  13. sammyz


    What type of fork is BCH?
  14. Good point about amazon stocks. Didn't bitcoin had previous bubbles? And if anyone can tell me what will happen to the prices of my coins, please I'm all ears 😊