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MaidSafe - what is it

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Massive Array of Internet Disks, Secure Access For Everyone in short MaidSafe is a company based in Troon, Scotland which is developing the SAFE network to save the world from the perils of centralized data storage. The SAFE Network is an open source network owned by no one and aims to create a platform that is accessible by everyone, to enable sharing between everyone as well as to spread knowledge regardless of your culture, residential country or economic background.


It is composed of free spaces on hard drives, user’s data connection and processing power. It gives users a complete control of their data, by offering a high level of security as well as privacy. This network aims at combining all features of all time decentralized networks.

This network is composed of some great features which has made it function effectively.



Features of Safe Network


Log in and secure your data

You alone has right to access your information. You need no permission from any middle man, neither do you need to give anyone your password. Your unique PIN and keyword, functions in locating the site where your data is placed on the network, while the decryption of your file is only possible with the aid of your password.

This whole process is known as Self Authentication.



This involves the breaking into pieces, encryption and distribution of uploaded files across the network. Uploaded files to the network are broken into chunks and encoded so that, apart from the owner, no one else has access to the files


Distributed Network coupled with opportunistic data caching

Another great feature of the SAFE Network is its decentralized nature (files stored all over the globe on various devices). This protects the network from attacks.

This feature also gives physical security to your data. No one apart from you can have access to or delete your files. The opportunistic data caching feature makes duplicates of well-known data that are close to where its request is being made. This speeds up well-known websites as well as other data feeds as more visitors check in, instead of slowing down and crashing the network.

This network is inspired by Freenet, Bitcoin, Napster, and BitTorrent.


Other functions include:

  • offering cryptocurrencies that are scalable and does not include a transaction fee,
  • resistant to censorship communication,
  • use of the network by anyone,
  • serverless data,
  • fully encrypted file sharing and data storage.


Availability of the data and built-in redundancy

Each data piece has duplicated copies kept on the network. When users log off their computers, more copies of their files are made by this network, storing them in other machines.

This frequent movement of data (churn) is an important part of the SAFE Network’s security; hackers find it difficult to know where to target because locations of files keep changing.


Automatic removal of unneeded duplicates

When a file is uploaded for the first time, it becomes the original. Later uploads of the same file will be automatically referred to the original, thereby limiting the copies of this particular file on the network and reducing the needed resources to store it.


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