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Brave distributes referral program worth $1M+ to content creators

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Brave has begun distribution of the first quota of their million dollar referral program, majorly for content creators and online publishers. They’ll transfer accrued BAT to them on a monthly basis. Back in February, our initial million dollar referral program was launched, giving sites and YouTube creators the ability to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).


In March, after extension of the Brave payments to streamers of the Twitch.tv, the program was increased by an additional million dollars.


Awards available today by the BAT in creators’ Brave accounts

Site owners, Twitch streamers as well as YouTube creators who participates in these programs can claim their BAT today by accessing their brave payments balance at https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/. If you’re yet to participate, you can enroll immediately.


Users entitled to more BAT grants

More grants are on the way for users as Brave aims to reward them with BAT grants to enable them assist their diligent creators. In December, we initially gave $50,000 to users followed by another $1million worth of BAT grants in January, which was quickly claimed by over 175,000 users in 10 days. Recently, content creators picked by users as token recipients were awarded the promotional BAT.

In March, Brave recorded more than 2 million active users and hopes to give more BAT grants to ensure their fast growing user base, rewards more creators


A privacy platform that links up users, advertisers and publishers

Recently, a good number of users have been infuriated due to ads, trackers and revenue models infringing on their privacy and stealing their data.


Creators as well as publishers, see huge portions of revenues lost through fraud, ad tech intermediaries, as well as arbitrary demonetization rules.


The BAT platform hopes to solve this problem, resetting the system by rewarding both creators and users as well as raising publisher revenue via reconnecting users and publishers, while keeping their privacy.

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