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How a user traded Cryptokitties and made $210,000 in 3 days

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A user, Dapper Kittie made 462 ether (worth $210,000 back then), by trading cryptokitties in the span of three days. How did he do it and how did he strategize? An informal interview was recently conducted with Dapper Kittie over email to find out the details.

Dapper Kittie was involved with Bitcoin initially in 2012. His first purchase of Bitcoin was made through Coinbase for about $20 in 2013. Being one of the early users, the founder, Brian Armstrong replied Dapper Kittie when he requested customer support.

Taking us to 2017, Dapper Kittie got to know about Cryptokitties when he read a social media post about the 246 ether scale of the Genesis founder cat #1. This got him interested, but he was still skeptical, he sensed it could be a wash sale to generate hype. However, he still believed that this dApp had potential, so kept a close watch on the Cryptokitties market.


Step 1: Purchasing founder cats

Dapper Kittie observed that the demand for “founder cats” was slowly ramping up; he spotted this through paying attention to the market. To fund the development of the dApp, founder cats which were extremely rare, were created by the cryptokitties team. 100 founder cats were created and they were valued by the team based on their order. Founder cat #1 goes for 250 ether, founder cats #2-10, goes for 50 ether and #11-100 goes for 10 ether. These values gradually reduced over time until they reached a price floor.

Dapper Kittie soon found out that, some of these founder cats were purchased and resold for huge profits (for instance, founder cat #88 was purchased for 10 ether and resold for 78 ether. That was huge! This huge profit motivated Dapper, so he decided to purchase founder cat #42 for 10 ether and founder cat #7 for 50 ether.

With 60 ether, he was for the mean time satisfied with his exposure in the Cryptokitties market, till he discovered that two accounts had purchased a large number of the remaining few founder cats. Dapper Kittie wasted no time; he quickly purchased founder cats #45 and #47 before all founder cats were purchased.

Dapper Kittie saw that US treasury relisted several 10 ether founder cats at 30 ether which was quickly sold. He took the same step and sold two of his 10 ether founder cats at 30 ether, which tripled his investment. At that time, the founder cats were becoming more expensive, Cat #2 was resold for 150 ether (which was cheap, considering the fact that many of the single digit founder cats were selling at 300+ ether). Dapper decided to increase his own prices and sold cat #42 at 75 ether making 65 ether profit and cat #7 at a high 190 ether making 140 ether profit.


Step 2: Buying relisted Founder cats

Dapper Kittie decided to get involved in the secondary founder cat market, after he had sold all of his founder cats at a huge profit. He started purchasing cheap founder cats being relisted by other traders. He made so much money, he only needed to sit back and play with house money.

One of the cats purchased this period was founder #23, which was bought at 70 ether and Dapper resold it a day after for 133.9 ether. Dapper was ready to quit after flipping some more secondary market cats, when a great opportunity came knocking. Someone who wasn’t having a constant check at the market decided to sell two founder cats for just 50 ether each far from the average market price of 150ether, so he amped up the gas he wanted to pay for his transactions to purchase the two cats.

At that point, Ethereum network was clumsy from the Cryptokitties mania, and Dapper could only hope that no one would be able to front run him. Fortunately, he was able to purchase the founder cats for 50 ether each and resold them for 125 ether and 126 ether some hours later.


Step 3: Getting out before the bubble pop

Now Dapper Kittie was ready to quit. He sold his last cat for 95 ether (making a 25 ether profit). Fortunately, just a few days later, the Cryptokitties bubble popped up with cats prices nosediving. Dapper was quick enough to recognize the mania and quitted early enough with huge profits. At the end, he gained 462 ether by trading Cryptokitties in just three days. At that time, his gain was worth about $210,000.


Presently, Dapper Kittie works from home as a crypto trader. When asked what he intends doing with his Cryptokitties profit for, he replied that he plans to give some to charity by donating to welfare groups as well as to animal rescue.

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Hats off to him.


If he is smart and he sold at 1000+ per ether, his net worth would be half a million bucks in a span of one month. :D

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