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Welcome to your community. We would like you to take a minute and read our newcomers guide.


Blockchain: Rethink Trust / Amsterdam, Netherlands / 29.06.2018.

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Some of the ideas you’ll see that are not usually discussed at traditional blockchain expos:

 - Engineering Excellence First. Our communities built distributed systems for decades, including Twitter. They are not built in JavaScript or Python. You’ll see why. We bring the leading voices of the Open Source community, the Hyperledger Foundation, our keynote, the Linux Foundation, our sponsors, to educate your engineers.

- Enterprise Use Cases First. We do not discuss ICOs to start new businesses, we focus on existing global businesses becoming better with meaningful blockchain augmentation. We do not “bring your company on the blockchain”, we consider when, and how, Hyperledger solutions can improve your business, open new avenues of advance, or even new verticals.

- Trust and Trustless Systems from the First Principles. Our program is rooted in the fundamental topic of the conference that is trust. Computational systems allow for new ways of trustless consensus, and they are replacing or augmenting existing, implicit trust networks. We are interested specifically in the ways that reengineered trust will propagate through business verticals, how to regulate it and mitigate its risks, and how to help enterprises build these systems with world-class engineers comprising our communities.









Promo tickets until May 31 $356




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