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Welcome to your community. We would like you to take a minute and read our newcomers guide.

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Once you’re finished with registration you’re logged in and redirected to the TradeAndHold forum. Forum is separated into multiple sections. If you’re new to this space we suggest you to visit NEW TO CRYPTO SPACE and CRYPTO BASICS sections displayed as opened cards:






If you are more experienced you can get straight into COINS, where we host discussion for more a lot of popular cryptocurrencies, GENERAL section described bellow and EXTRAS sections where you can find great news and hosted conferences from all over the world, watchout links from scam sites, etc.


Everyone who is interested into a group and/or individuals because of their great trading techniques and follow along, or seeing a case studies they made or personalized groups, you can visit subforums such as Follow Along, Case Studies, Masterminds,… We also have a collection of interesting tools used in crypto world under Tools. All that can be found under GENERAL card as seen in image bellow.






For any additional info, you can contact us on the Contact Support button in the menu.




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