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Zeepin - content creator's platform

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Zeepin is the first customizable platform in the world. It focuses on the protection and decentralization of creative works. It will enable writers, designers and artists to safeguard their work. It promises to provide users the resources to find talent to recruit, find venues to play at and form joint ventures.

CEO and founder of Zeepin is Zhu Fei, a 15 year veteran of the creative industry. He’s got assistance from co-founders: Gloria Gu and KarlXu, who also have decades of experience in marketing fields and IT respectively.


Their vision: Zeepin will allow the integration of third party financial institutions, to permit the direct distribution of royalties at a low price to the creator.


Zeepin's official website: https://www.zeepin.io/


The recent processes to safeguard your creative work are complex. Most times, it is not easy to find the person responsible for copywriting a piece of art, and almost impossible to know if the piece is original and has not been changed in any means. Besides, once something has a copyright, it is in the hands of a centralized power which exposes the work to other susceptibilities. With the use of Zeepin, users can store their work on the blockchain and get “Copyright Pros” from which an “Authorization Pros” can be issued by the users; this will allow users distribute their work in an easy and predetermined manner. It also eliminates worries about user’s work being tampered with and used in a way that is not approved by the creator.

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