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Litecoin Roadmap

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Litecoin Roadmap:

  1. MAST - It allows privacy

    MAST (Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees) allows more privacy by hiding lumped transactions through a Merkle root. It also allows for complicated smart contracts. Smart contracts are currently capable on the LTC blockchain, it just takes up a lot of space. It is speculated to be released with next core update.
  2. Confidential Transactions - It allows anonymity

    Confidential Transactions allows anonymity between LTC transactions, similar to Monero. Charlie thinks this might be the next project to work on once MAST is implemented.

  3. Lightning Network - It allows instant transactions and reduced fees.

    The Lightning Network (LN) is being developed by Lighting Labs. There is a prototype wallet called ZAP! created by jack mallers. It will take a significant amount of time in order for the LN to create a fully functional product. LN was tested and it works extremely fast, but it could take multiple years to scale it out.
  4. Atomic Swaps - It allows swaps for different coins

    Atomic swaps allows people to trade one coin for a different coin without a third party, like an exchange. This is called cross-chain swaps. It actually utilizes LN to reach Atomic Swap's full potencial. Coins that successfully atomic swapped with LTC:
    1. DCR (Decred),
    2. BTC,
    3. VTC (Vertcoin)
  5. Covenants - It allows LTC to be joined

    Covenants will allow you to able to select LTC to be bound together and stay together no matter what. When LTC blocks are formed, all the LTC are lumped together. Covenants will allow chosen LTC to be continually bound together. This allows Colored Coin application. It also allows "vaults" which will be added to Litecoin core. You basically lock it up so in case someone gets your private keys, it has a delayed transaction time (let's say a day) for it to be sent out without interruption. But you have a special "key" that lets you spend the LTC faster than the ones your attacker is sending. It means more security for LTC.
  6. Colored Coins - It allows LTC to work like placeholder for ICOs

    Colored Coins allows LTC to be repurposed to be attached to an asset. For example your LTC could be given the property to act like a key to your car which you could send via your mobile phone. It's not something they plan to release anytime soon.
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