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AI industry on Blockchain?

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The first mention of Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) was in 1948 when a mathematician from the US, Norbert Wiener, published a book that focused on the potential technological advancement of the AI. The sole idea that there can be a type of intelligence that originates in machines rather than humans was really interesting to many people back then and it managed to become a worldwide cult in the coming years. 

This naturally resulted in many scientists and engineers trying to make one such phenomenon come to life. There were thousands of different theories put into practice and none seemed to have worked until recently when the significant progress has been made since. Although the technology is a far cry from being as developed as the human intelligence, it is certainly going that way, and one of the main factors that can contribute to it is the blockchain technology. Why?


Well, the way AI operates nowadays is that it incorporates something called "deep learning". It is a method where the intelligence of a computer is trained by giving them huge arrays of data to analyze and create patterns itself. This way, it “learns” to become more powerful and even more human. However, the problem is that most of the data that is generated on the web nowadays is the property of big corporations such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft.

This means that in the future the AI may easily end up in the hands of the big corporation, thereby leaning towards becoming a dystopian sci-fi movie we used to watch as children. Luckily, a company called AI Crypto entered the field of the AI and blockchain technologies, with the intention to combine the two and get the best out of Artificial Intelligence.


The team behind this project believes that AI on blockchain will help people by empowering them both physically and mentally and by paving the way for faster, more efficient goal achievement. In essence, this company will be a global AI industry hub which will allow all the participants to choose whether they want to share their data or not, thus preventing anyone’s monopoly over AI.


There will be three basic modules on which the ecosystem of AI Crypto would work:

  1. General Processor Unit (GPU) - the basis for the whole project that will keep the network of AI Crypto in motion,
  2. DATA - a blockchain backed-up platform that will create and distribute data related to AI,
  3. MODEL - a machine-learning module that will keep everything flowing smoothly and cost-effective.


A pre-sale for this ICO was launched on May 9, while the main ICO began on May 30. Their token is named AIC and there is a total of 10 billion tokens, half of which is for sale in ICO. Currently, the hard cap for the project is 50,000 ETH and the tokens that are not sold will be burned.

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