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Vyper will make Ethereum more secure

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Vyper (the new experimental Ethereum language) has been released, and so far has got lots of enthusiastic comments and reviews on social media. With this new language, developers have an alternative to Solidity.  


Time to test Vyper Beta

Vyper compiles down to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) bytecode just like Solidity. Although, Vyper is developed to make the process much easier, tailored towards creating smart contracts that are easy to comprehend with increased transparency and fewer points of attack.

 It is important for a code targeting the EVM to be very-efficient, to ensure smart contracts are effectively executed as inefficient code will become outrageously expensive in specific use cases like micro transactions. In this scenario, Vyper is similar to Solidity in logical terms and similar to Python syntactically.


As reviewed by Blockgeeks, the v0.1.0-beta.1 of Vyper has improved in three key areas compared to previous languages. First, the review identified the exclusion of several constructs that programmers were familiar with. For simplicity reasons, operator overloading, class inheritance, recursion and function overloading has been removed by Vyper, as these are not technically useful for developing a Turing-complete language.

The review also explained the reasons for excluding the less common constructs which includes modifiers, binary fixed point and inline assembly.



Vyper's 'Simplicity' goal will make things much harder for security

While the first improvements were aimed at simplifying the language, the next is making the language more complex where necessary. Vyper developers said that will definitely forbid things or make things harder if it deems fit to do so for the goal of increasing security.


Vyper was developed to have the same similarities with Python, but this has not been a successful replacement for either Solidity or Python, it is rather utilized as a language required for the highest security level. Those who have started experimenting with the language have reacted positively on Reddit. While some have questioned the need for smart contracts being created by a different language, others have agreed that it is necessary to address the issues of security. 


The creation of Vyper was not to serve as a replacement for Solidity, but to be utilized alongside since they share the same bytecode so as to enhance security. A study conducted recently identified over 3,000 vulnerable contracts having security flaws. Vyper has the capability to play a vital role In Ethereum’s future.



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