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Five of the biggest VC firms investing in blockchain

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As more and more firms are considering investing in blockchain-related funds, the perception that Venture Capital (VC) firms are not popular for their business with blockchain is gradually changing. This article looks into five of the biggest VC firms who are moving into the crypto.

The move of VC firms into crypto market has been a gradual and careful one. The crypto market is associated with price volatility, risks and innovative nature. Considering these factors, firms have therefore been careful to invest on offer customers services surrounded in the new industry.


RRE Ventures

CB Rank: 4,725 (Investor)

This is a New York based firm which intends to invest in companies which deal with private information technology with a focus on economics, software, internet tech and communications.

The company which was founded in 1994, has raised a good figure of over $1.5 billion through different stages of funding. The company claims on its websites to “believe in unique ideas and so they partner with extraordinary teams and [commit] to supporting great companies as they develop and grow.”

Currently, RRE Ventures has 72 exit strategies planned, 425 investments with 108 leads.


Fembushi Capital

CB Rank: 1,375 (Investor) 

Fembushi Capital is the first venture capital based in China that generally invests in companies that operates on the blockchain technology. The firm which was established in 2015, on its website stated its mission which is “to accelerate the inevitable future of blockchain economy by supporting as many companies as possible”

Companies like Symbiont, Zcash (the privacy coin), Hashed health and Circle are clients associated with blockchain which are supported by VC. A $50 million USD pricetag is held by the cryptocurrency fund and this capital is aimed at assisting blockchain-based companies.

Currently, the firm has no exit strategies listed for the fund and have seventeen investments with two leads.



Pantera capital

CB Rank: 66 (Investor)

Pantera capital declared that it was putting a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain transactions, this was declared in 2014, a year after the firm was founded. The firm also formed an alliance with companies like Benchmark and Ribbit Capital, Fortress Investment partners that same year and also focused on carrying out Bitcoin transactions in Pantera Bitcoin Partners (a new fund).

The firm only considers offering services that are linked with blockchain projects, ventures, cryptocurrency, tokens and cryptocurrency assets. Concerning Pantera Bitcoin Partners, Dan Morehead, (The firm’s CEO) said that they “believe Bitcoin is at an inflection point making it the right time for a transition to more institutional management.”


Blockchain Capital

CB Rank: 51 (Investor)

Blockchain capital is a firm based in San-Francisco. It was founded and launched in 2013. The firm seeks to invest in startups and entrepreneurs who intend to develop and promote the blockchain industry. Blockchain Capital is ranked the first fund which offered to accept capital calls in Bitcoin and also the first VC firm that is focused on cryptocurrency.

The company is led by two brothers Bart and Brad Stephens. Brad is experienced in Internet security and cryptography while Bart has experience in financial technology development. They have both managed to gain the business of Blockstream, Coinbase, ShapesShift, bitaccess and singularity in Blockchain Capital’s fund.

Currently, Blockchain Capital has four exit strategies planned and has 66 investments with three leads.


Andreessen Horowitz

CB Rank: 49 (Investor)

This firm was established by Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen, two prominent venture capitalists.  Due to the millions invested into the firm’s startup, the firm has really gained good roots.

The firm which had an initial capital of $300 million USD has been building its reputation since 2009. In the investors Ranks’ listed in 2011, the firm was ranked first and at the same time, managed to get $1.2 billion USD in two funds. The firm which is based in America is building its reputation in the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency. 

Currently, Andreessen Horowitz has 91 exit strategies planned and 572 investments with 178 leads.



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