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Outsourcing ICOs

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The cryptocurrency ecosystem is just developing and as a result, adoption is a bit slow. According to studies, it was revealed that only 8% of people hold cryptocurrency investments in the US in comparison to the number of emerging blockchain startups and projects. This could be because of their regulations, but that's another story.

While this is not good for investors who cannot differentiate the good and bad projects, it is even far more difficult for blockchain startups striving to prove themselves. These companies encounter different problems: from strict regulations on ICOs in the future to the bans on ICOs (in countries such as China). There is also a risk of being hacked that brings FUD to investors.


Adoption which might be quite slow will improve over time just the same way it happens with the adoption of any new technological field. When this happens, blockchain startups must get ready for the load on their networks and the large number of new customers who will be in search of services to patronize. This implies that the major work should be based on scalability, operation and security.

In areas like marketing and customer service that are as important as the tech, there may also be gaps. What can be done by blockchain startups to make sure that all areas of the business are well managed without cluttering their systems? It’s a simple answer which is, outsourcing to well-equipped firms to offer out-of-the-box token funding solutions.    


What are out-of-the box solutions?

Mike Raitsyn of Snowfox Technologies said that, out-of-the-box solutions are the "products that significantly reduce the process of preparing for ICO/STO, thanks to ready-made solutions necessary for the entire process of selling tokens." These include payment processing, KYC / AML / PEP user verification, cryptocurrency processing, data processing and investor verification.

Raitsyn said: "Our solution already includes KYC/ AML, cryptocurrency processing, marketing tools, loyalty programs, a system of promotional codes and work with influencers- all that is needed to make private and public sale in the most convenient way for the token holders and the ICO itself."


What to consider in Blockchain Solutions Providers

The choice of which company will handle your ICO is a step that can either mar or make the whole process a successful one. A company that does not share your vision will surely lead to poorer results than expected. There are certain factors to be considered when looking for a company to outsource your ICO.

  • A wide scope of functionality

Asides your company’s ICO you have to consider factors such as smart contract design, technicalities and analytics. It is better to select a blockchain solutions firm having a wide scope of functionality on a single platform.


  • Ability to offer top-notch security

In order to avoid theft of any kind, any company in charge of your ICO should value security just like you do, securities such as investor authentication, verification and every other forms of security.


  • An interest in innovation

An innovative blockchain solutions firm will have a good view of how the industry is changing as well as help you see problems that are likely to come up in the future. This factor is very important for a blockchain startup especially at this very early stage of the industry. 

Snowfox Technologies and other similar companies provide on their platforms essential services and features which has played a vital role in the success of ICO campaigns. Among those are:

  • Additional security which includes KYC/ AML and support against DDoS attacks
  • Creation of ERC-20 tokens with special bonuses and discounts
  • Correct estimation of statistics, ROI and other relevant analytics
  • Development and management of blockchain-based web applications and smart contracts 
  • Coverage of the whole ICO process, from the planning stage to its execution and promotion
  • Continuous support throughout the whole process


Ratisyn gave a hint about the opportunities to come saying: "People are ready to go towards the blockchain industry, to study, receive knowledge and constantly learning new skills, opening new horizons for their projects and developing the technologies worldwide. 









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