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Crypto millionaire lost more than 5000 BTC

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A crypto millionaire, just 22 years of age has lost more than 5000 bitcoins through an investment scam. This drew a lot of attention because a local actor was involved.

A media report from Bangkok post revealed that Aarni Otava Saarimaa (a Finnish businessman) was approached by a group in June last year to invest in Macau Casino, Dragon Coin (a new cryptocurrency) and several stocks in Thailand.


According to the report, the group claimed that after issuance, Dragon Coin could be utilized at the casino and in order to tell how legitimate the project was, they brought Saarimaa to the Macau casino. Saarimaa then transferred to the group 5,564 bitcoins. After few months of waiting Saarimaa with his business partner made a complaint to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) of Thailand. An investigation was carried out by the CSD and in the report, made it clear that no investments were made by the group on behalf of Saarimaa, instead all the bitcoins were liquidated into Thai baht and utilizing seven bank accounts, they deposited the funds.


It is not yet clear when the bitcoins were sold by the group, but according to the CSD, around $24 million was stolen by the scammers. After months of thorough investigation by the CSD, Jiratpisit "Boom" Jaravijit (a film actor in Thailand) came out as a suspect and he was arrested last week Wednesday.

The CSD also alleged that Prinya Jaravijit (the actor’s sibling) was the leader of this evil act and through South Korea, has left Thailand for the United States. The report stated that the CSD has teamed up with the U.S authorities to apprehend him.

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