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List of ICOs scheduled for early 2019

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As a crypto investor, you might want to make use of some new promising coins in order to diversify your portfolio. Below is a list of big ICOs, scheduled for early 2019.


MenaPay ICO

This ICO is scheduled to commence on 15th January 2019 and end on three months later, March 15th 2019.


MenaPay is a payment gateway in Africa and the middle east and it is blockchain based. MenaPay aims to replace payments made traditionally with a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency.

This platform, utilizing the blockchain will link customers directly with merchants. It will be possible for merchants to integrate on their platforms, MenaPay's technology. Due to price instability and cash-out issues, a good number of merchants have been finding it difficult to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option on their platform. This led the developers to create MenaCash.

The coin can be seen as a stablecoin, due to the fact that its value is fully backed by the U.S dollar.


OCEAN Poseidon Foundation

This ICO is scheduled to commence on February 16th, 2019 and end on March 24th 2019.


Ocean Poseidon is an organization focused at reducing the emissions of carbon footprints. With Poseidon’s blockchain platform, users will be able to transact in grams, carbon credits.

Unlike so many projects that utilize Ethereum’s blockchain, Poseidon’s token will be making use of the Stellar Platform. 


Geon Network ICO

Its ICO is scheduled to commence on January 31st 2019 and end on March 31st 2019.


The Geon platform aims to redefine reality by expanding it through the implementation of Augmented Reality Technology.

With this platform, users will be able to create real-life Geons which will help them transfer value easily. Geon's native currency is the Geon token (GEON). It is an ERC20 based token issued by the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can buy Geon coins using GEON as well as exchange value with other users.



HotCoin ICO

This ICO is scheduled to start on January 21st 2019 and end on March 21st 2019.

They also have a pre-ICO which starts on January 7th 2019 and ends on January 21st 2019.


HotCoin is a payment solution that supports privacy, accessibility and trust in the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry.

HotCoin makes use of the blockchain algorithm of Ethereum’s ERC20 blockchain. The team behind this project claims that their token allows users to utilize adult websites and services. They plan to implement some other products like VR and AR solutions, a payment gateway and a HotCoin wallet.



The ICO is scheduled to commence on March 1st 2019 and end two weeks later on 15th March 2019. Its pre-sale started on 22nd May 2018 which will end on 1st March 2019.


RAWG is a video game database as well as a discovery platform that features over 50,000 titles from several popular gaming platforms. Gamers will be rewarded with RAWG tokens for in-game feats from their favourite games. Also, advertisers can purchase ads on the RAWG platform using RAWG tokens, so as to reach players.


HyperionX (TREE) ICO

Their ICO is scheduled to commence on 20th February 2019 and end on 31st December 2019.


HyperionX will use token called TREE which will be equivalent to 0.04 USD. HyperionX is a market place and a unique organic community that assists users in watching ads as well as completing surveys. HyperionX aim to develop a free marketplace and a decentralized ecosystem, whereby for carrying several activities, people will be able to create contents as well as receive tokens. As users continue to use HyperionX, new features and dApps will be unlocked which will create alternative ways of communicating with the community.

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I don't trust ICOs anymore. At least not until investors are more protected than it is now. So many ICOs almost dead, shutting down operations, or scams,... 

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On 11/10/2018 at 7:51 PM, cryptofreak said:

I don't trust ICOs anymore...

Me neither. Wait for SEC to shut down those that are currently "barely operating".

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