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Ethereum developers secretly discussing an Accelerated Tech Roadmap

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Ethereum developers are quietly planning an undisclosed upgrade which will aggressively boost the tech's capabilities in the short-term.

At the Devcon4 conference four private meetings took place with minutes where they were revealing that by June 2019, an upgrade referred to as "ethereum 1x" could be activated.

Though initially undisclosed, an attendee at the meeting who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed the minutes of this meeting. He told CoinDesk that, developers feel the proposals are still at the planning stages and therefore shouldn’t be publicly discussed yet.


Afri Schoeden (release manager for the parity ethereum client) wrote on GitHub that he had no idea that such developments for an impeding upgrade were ongoing. Attendants at one of the meetings include Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum founder), Joseph Lubin (founder of Brooklyn-based Consensys systems), and well known community developers and organizers like Hudson Jameson, Peter Szilagyi, and Lane Rettig.


This series of upgrades will include replacing the underlying virtual machine (EVM) of Ethereum. This EVM is responsible for processing smart contract code. In addition, it will introduce storage fees for smart contracts, which would seek to strengthen the growth of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Although the upgrade is still in its planning stages, developers have initially discussed an alternative to EVM, which is to implement eWASM, which will provide a faster as well as a better approach to Ethereum computation. Buterin, stressing the importance of transparency in this upgrade, has said that he is "uncomfortable with institutional private calls and absolutely against private forums."

Schoeden, reacting to the minutes of the meeting, disapproved the idea if planning the upgrade without involving the public.

He said:


If you want to have private working groups, that’s [fine] and makes sense but you should be transparent and maybe start with a public announcement.


Responding to the meeting, at least three working groups have been formed, each with its own focus: One to look into the changes to the cost of smart contracts, another to focus on the EVM changes and another to aim at stimulating and modeling the impact of such alterations.

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