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Consider Cryptocurrencies as Forex Trading Exchange Markets

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The forex market is clearly the world’s largest and most liquid market. The market functions all the time and in all areas of the globe. Now, as if forex isn’t dynamic enough, cryptocurrencies are adding a new dimension to currency trading.


The crypto market is currently the firmly established new trend of the world. Presently, cryptos are gaining their fair share of the market having Bitcoin as its most preferred currency. However, others like Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc. are also finding their space in the market place, each with specific peculiarities.


Basically, when we talk of forex trading, most profits trying to earn profits, utilize their own technique, but cryptos exhibit highly volatile markets. The volatility of the market is very important due to the fact that it defines the trading profits; however those techniques can predict the volatility of a particular market to a certain extent only. Due to this reason, as well as other issues like dealing with brokers with questionable ethics, high transaction fees, lack of transparency and security, huge sums of money have been lost by retail crypto investors inside the crypto market.


Level01 is a P2P derivatives exchange that makes it possible for investors to trade options contracts directly with one another, without need of a broker or an intermediary. Level01 leverages the crypto-technology and blockchain, to create a derivatives (options) exchange and trading platform where the conduction of financial trading in stocks, forex, cryptos and commodities can take place on a peer-to-peer basis without need for an intermediary broker.


Currently, Level01 has had some great impact on the crypto marketplace, which has made it very desirable to investors. Level01 has been designed to be a self sustaining financial ecosystem, rewarding its contributors and participants. It also has its native token “The Level01 Exchange Token” (LVX) which is a more transparent system due to the fact that it can be automated by smart contracts to be automatically disbursed to trade winners as profits. LVX can be changed instantly to Ethereum or Bitcoin, using the Hotswap capability feature which creates more liquidity for the platform.


The major issues associated with the crypto market place are high transaction fees, security risks, high risk, delays in withdrawals etc., however making use of Level01 Derivatives Exchange, anyone can trade securely, safely and seamlessly.

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I have been trading in Forex for more than three years and one of my favorite sites, so to speak, is this one https://safetradebinaryoptions.com You, as a beginner, should definitely read some headings. They explain in clear language about forex, where to start and what to pay attention to the beginner. I advise you to get training, it is free. There is also a heading "Brokers Rating" with a description of each broker and traders reviews about them.

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