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More than 5 crypto ATM machines installed every day in 2018

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Although the year has been sketchy for cryptos when we talk of fluctuations in price, in 2018 there was twice the number of crypto ATMs in the world than before. They were more than 4000 in number. Though the prices of cryptos might fluctuate very often, the wider adoption gets closer and closer.

Data Light (a Crypto analytics firm) published data which revealed that in 2018, the number of newly installed crypto ATMs has been on the rise.


The Rise of Crypto ATM Machines

One important statistics to have come from Data Light statistics is that, on average six crypto ATMs were installed on a daily basis in 2018. Cryptocurrencies have been made available for the masses, which is one good reason why there is an increase in crypto adoption and integration and an increase in the number of installed ATMs as well.


Another interesting information from the stats is that from the total 4,051 crypto ATMs in the world, almost all of them offer Bitcoin, about 2,421 offers Litecoin, while about half of these machines offer Ethereum. 729 machines also offer Dash, which is very great. Other Cryptocurrencies like Zcash, Dogecoin and Monero came in with impressive figures as well, with 67, 79 and 128 crypto ATMs offering them respectively. Most of these ATM were installed in the first few months of 2018 when the prices of Bitcoin were still high.


Other Interesting ATM Statistics in 2018

The Coin ATM Radar site is another good source to check out crypto ATM statistics. On their crypto ATM map, they listed a total of 4,085 crypto ATMs in the world across 76 countries.


The map also revealed that in the United States, there were 1,258 Bitcoin ATMs and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is supported by more than 1,000 crypto ATMs. Also, the website revealed that, in North America 3,157 crypto ATMs can be found, Central Europe has 750 machines while the United Kingdom has more than 200. South America has 65 machines while Australia has 54 machines.


The large increase in the number of installed crypto ATMs in 2018, indicates that more people now see cryptocurrencies as similar to fiat, which is great for the industry.



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