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All major landmasses will be able to access Bitcoin thanks to Blockstream Satellite

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Blockstream in short is a tech company working on sending bitcoin nodes to space.


They announced on Monday, December 17th 2018 the addition of a fifth satellite to its constellation which broadcasts the Bitcoin network. This newly added satellite will be covering the Asia-pacific region; this means that, asides Antarctica and Greenland, all the major landmasses in the world will be able to access Bitcoin through satellites. In addition, Blockstream has widened its capabilities to offer a complete version of the Bitcoin blockchain and becoming a global anonymous messaging network.


Initially, just the most recent Bitcoin blocks were provided by Blockstream satellites, but now, the complete Bitcoin blockchain will be provided. This will make it possible for users all over the world, even those located in remote areas to run full nodes of Bitcoin. With this, it will be possible to mine Bitcoin in areas that are distant from the internet but abundantly blessed in renewable energy like solar, hydroelectric, or geothermal. 

Maybe Principally, Blockstream guarantees that Bitcoin can be used without making use of the internet, thereby leading to a more decentralized Bitcoin. This has also led to the expansion of the Bitcoin network’s global coverage, since it is now possible for almost all locations in the world to receive as well as send Bitcoin transactions. This can be very useful when disasters come in i.e. local internet grid suddenly stops functioning.

In January 2019, the launch of a messaging network integrated with onion-routing, just like Tor, will take place. With this, users will not require the use of the internet to send fully encrypted messages all over the world. Payment for transactions will be made through the Lightning Network of Bitcoin, with calculation of fees done per Kilobyte of data.


Bitcoin has been made to be independent of the internet due to the constellation of the Blockstream satellite. It has also spread the network coverage of Bitcoin all over the world, giving it an edge over other cryptos.


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