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Block.one: The company with the largest ICO in the world

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Block.one, who is responsible for the creation of EOS VC and EOS, has been referred to as the leader in providing high-performance blockchain solutions.


Block.one has revealed its two main products as cryptocurrency and the VC arm, but explained that the company is putting in much effort to offer available dApps, the strongest infrastructure.

The Block.one team is focused at offering end-to-end solutions to bring to the blockchain, various companies, institutions and investors through different services. Block.one has deployed a business-centric philosophy for decentralized systems. This is one good reason why people feel EOS is competing with Ethereum; they both aim to further enterprise adoption and usability of decentralized systems.



Block.one is well known for its EOS ICO, where more than $4 billion was raised. Instead of perform the same way many ICOs did, where tokens were kept in smart contracts until the sale of the token was completed, EOS kept operating in the open as well as maintaining market placement.

When its ICO was officially completed, EOS took the title of “biggest ICO completed” and still holds it till date. Due to this news, the EOS price made the top five among cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap. Since it peaked, its price has dropped by 75%, however the Block.one team is still determined to reveal the full potential of the project.


Leadership and Management

The Block.one team, despite the controversy has risen to include several programmers, bankers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Brendan Blumer, CEO and founder of the company established Block.one for blockchain solutions, after getting some inspiration from his first company startup. Blumer also established Okay.com, which is the largest digital property agency in Hong Kong.

In the crypto community, Daniel Larimer who is the CTO of Block.one maintains a complex aura. The Chief Technology Officer is also a co-founder of both BitShares and Steemit. 


Block.one Development

As we’ve seen in results from TRON, Ethereum, and EOS, smart contracts may be the best way to expand a project through its developers as well as its community. Block.one on countless occasions has reported its passion and involvement for smart contracts.

Developers should consider that, what solidity gives to Ethereum, Block.one makes it possible for developers to create their singular smart contracts or EOS-based dApps through its development kit.

Although, there has been an argument over which infrastructure can offer huge outcomes for decentralized programs, the major arguments in favor of EOS smart contracts includes: Better scalability potential, no fee required, and greater TPS can be processed.




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