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Brave now has more than 5.5 million active users monthly

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Some key facts:

  • At the start of 2018, Brave had more than 1 million active users and currently has over 5.5 million users. Now its 2019, and Brave is excited about how massive their growth will be, due to the release of their 1.0 desktop browser and what users will stand to gain from their upcoming opt-in Brave Ads. 
  • Their desktop browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux which was redesigned is now 22% faster than the previous Muon version
  • In August, their new iOS version brought great gains, and their Android app was downloaded more than 10 million times. Having 80% of their users on mobile and 20% on desktop, they expect an increased adoption on mobile platforms as the Basic Attention Token and the Brave Rewards will be coming to iOS and Android this 2019.
  • Currently, they now have more than 28,000 Verified publishers which include Twitch streamers and YouTube channels.
  • As a resulted of repeated data breach scandals that happened on some platforms, Brave has put in some effort to develop an anti-surveillance technology which will help users have full control of their data. More features were also integrated to solve the issues of privacy: The Integration of Tor in their private windows and opening a Research office in London for implementing privacy innovations like AdGraph and SpeedReader in the future.


Newly Formed Partnerships

  • Dow Jones Media Group, Baker/DeFranco, and Townsquare

To bring premium content to their new audience as well as test the use of the blockchain technology in digital publishing, they partnered with Dow Jones Media Group. They also formed partnerships with Townsquare Media (to test digital advertising solutions with the BAT platform and monetize ad-blocking traffic) and with Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco, two well-known YouTubers (to inform their audience about BAT and Brave).

  • HTC

HTC Exodus, which is the first blockchain-enabled phone, will be making use of Brave as its default browser.

  • DuckDuckGo

They also formed a relationship with DuckDuckGo in order to be featured across all platforms in our Private Windows search

  • Qwant

In Germany and France, Qwant is now their default search engine. Qwant is an European search engine that takes its users’ privacy seriously.

  • Civic

They have also teamed up with Civic to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) services as well as identity verification to their verified publishers.

  • AdLedger

To reform the future of digital advertising, they joined the AdLedger blockchain consortium alongside GroupM, Meredith, Publicis, Omnicom, MadHive, IPG Reprise Digital, Coindesk, TEGNA, and IBM. 


Brave’s public policy activities

Brave has been working with lawmakers since mid-2018 as well as advertisers based in Europe and the United States, pressing for users’ privacy protections and giving publishers a fairer deal. Below are the highlights of their public policy activities:

  • The company wrote to all the EU 28 Member State governments to request for users, an enhanced privacy protection in the coming ePrivacy Regulation.
  • They filed GDPR complaints against surveillance adtech. This led to privacy regulators investigating the big data breach of the online ad auction system.
  • Their CEO contacted the US Senate to request a federal law regarding the GDPR. They also gave detailed information on how this law should operate to the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration.
  • They also contacted Margrethe Vestager, the antitrust chief of Europe to call for an antitrust investigation of the programmatic behavioral advertising market.





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