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New Ledger device launch in March

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Ledger recently announced an improved Ledger Nano S, called Ledger Nano X. The improved version will include the bluetooth function, a larger storage space as well as a larger screen compared to that of the former.

Five enhancements will be seen in the improved version:

  • Its OLED screen is a bit larger than that of the Ledger Nano S
  • To navigate easily, buttons are now located in the device's front face.
  • Its built-in battery is rechargable. This makes it possible for the Ledger Nano X to function even if it is not connected to a USB charger or computer.
  • Bluetooth support: Just like the Ledger Nano S, it is still a USB stick but with an added feature – bluetooth support. It also has a new mobile version of its wallet management app Ledger Live which works for both Android and iOS devices. With this feature, you can send or receive crypto anywhere you are, even without having access to a computer.
  • You have enough storage space for apps. It can take about 100 apps compared to the 18 of the Ledger Nano S.


Éric Larchevêque (CEO of Ledger) calming the minds of those who feel hackers can gain easy access through the bluetooth feature said on Reddit that:


The Nano X operates with the assumption that the Bluetooth connection (which is a bearer, exactly like USB) is compromised. The addition of BLE doesn't impact the security model. Transactions must always be physically verified on device by pressing both buttons. Moreover, on the Nano X screens and buttons are directly connected to the Secure Element (single chip architecture), which is also an enhancement of the general security design. We use LE secure connections with numeric comparison (highest level of BLE security protocol, mitigating MITM attacks). Of course nothing is unbreakable, so ultimately the security model requires the user to do the address validation on device. Our UX, documentation and best practices heavily push on this point. If you always verify transaction parameters on device, you are safe whatever happens.


Ledger;s blog post revealed that, from 7th January, potential users of the Ledger Nano X can pre-order from its website and should expect their device shipped to them in March. It costs $119 in the U.S. with free shipping, while in the U.K. it costs £109 and shipping is also free.

In addition, the Ledger Live Mobile app will be available for download on Google Play Store and iOS App store on 28th January. Éric Larchevêque said:


The Ledger Nano X includes all of what you loved about your Nano S, but with new and improved major features. With its Bluetooth connectability and increased capacity, the Ledger Nano X provides an enhanced user experience while delivering the mobility and state-of-the-art security that customers expect from Ledger. It is exciting to be recognized by CES as the go-to leader for securing crypto assets.


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