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Cryptocurrency Law Firms

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As cryptoassets and their underlying techs gain wide recognition, there should be an increase in the need to comprehend the legal structures that affects them.

Regardless of the area of specialization, a good law firm stays relevant, so why will crypto or blockchain projects be different? It is very difficult finding a good law firm possessing the necessary experience in the blockchain industry.

The following law firms are highly skilled at offering the required knowledge concerning VAT, tax, P2P lending, as well as other regulatory compliances worldwide. They also function in getting a license for major crypto exchanges as well as help you launch your own ICO.



Frost Brown Todd LLC

This crypto firm has a team just for crypto and blockchain clients. The firm offers major services such as litigation support, assistance in business transactions and counseling on statutory and regulatory compliance.


Rimon Law

This law firm is based in the U.S and Israel. It specializes in tax law, financial services, corporate law, private client services litigation and issues pertaining to cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

Its main services rendered are intellectual property, bank chartering, financial regulation, digital and mobile payment system, and solving legal issues related to cryptocurrencies. 



This is the largest law firm in the world. It offers world-class legal services made possible by its talented team of advisors. Some of its major services are taxation analysis, KYC and AML procedures, ICO and token generation events, securities, broker-deal and exchange regulation, privacy and data security and commodities and criminal enforcement.


Blockchain Law Group

This law firm was founded in 2018 and offers services specifically for the blockchain field. Their team is composed of specialized attorneys who are very capable of assisting individual investors, newly created startups, institutions and established enterprises. It focuses on crypto related matters, which includes issuing security tokens and products.


Perkins Coie

This law firm is one of the first to associate with the crypto world, encouraging clients on legal topics such as Bitcoin’s usability, and the legality of asset tokenization. 

Perkins Coie focuses majorly on AML and cybersecurity programs, business operations, money transmitting licensing, corporate formation, securities and commodities, money services business compliance, decentralized ledger technology as well as privacy and data security.


Royse Law

This law firm has a branch in San Francisco, Orange County, Silicon Valley, Santa Monica, and in Beijing. It focuses mainly on assisting ICOs in its planning, structuring and implementation.

The firm has skilled advisers that offer general advice concerning corporate matters and tax business, tax planning, KYC/AML, whitepaper review & analysis and foreign counsel.


Njord law firm

This operates at the international level. In the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions, it is one of the prominent firms of this type. It offers a wide range of legal services, with offices in Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia.

Njord law firm focuses on legal issues relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as in banking and finance law services. Some of its services are crowdfunding and investing, capital market regulations, P2P debt, financial services regulation, equity financing, intellectual property protection etc.


Crypto Lawyers Corporation

Crypto Lawyers Corporation was established in 2017 and based in California. Its specialty is majorly on the blockchain tech, cryptos and ICOs. The company reduces the legal risk on all matters related to cryptos for their customers.

Some of its main services are corporate structure, regulatory counseling, jurisdiction and registration, legal strategy for ICOs, documentation of token sale, legal audit of ICO projects and regulation D filings.


Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

This law firm has vast knowledge concerning all regulatory aspects of virtual currencies. It also focuses on the relationship between digital currencies and the SEC as well as with other regulatory bodies in the United States.

It specializes in state and federal licensing, offering regulatory advice for product and system design, and the strategic relationship with regulated financial institutions.



MME is one of the well-known crypto firms and it has a great team with highly qualified advisors. It is based in Switzerland and known for raising Tezos, as well as Ethereum and Bancor. The partners of MME help clients in all legal matters and also specialize in tax, law and compliance.


Ogier Law

This is an award winning law firm that offers legal services to various jurisdictions globally. It has branches in Europe, U.S and Japan, where it offers law services in fields like dispute resolution, banking and finance, corporate and commercial and investment funds.

Although the firm focuses on companies utilizing offshore structure, its services meet clients’ need executing investment strategies as well as other opportunities linked with the blockchain tech, cryptos and digital assets.

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