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Movies through Torrents with Malware in it

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Security researcher with twitter username 0xffff0800 having plans to relax with a good movie didn't go well as planned. He downloaded a movie from a torrent uploaded to The Pirate Bay, where he discovered a new malware that almost corrupted the files on his P.C


This film with a hacker thematic was a copy of The Girl in the Spider's Web. Rather than have the movie contained inside the folder, it had a file with the movie name and a .Ink extension. On clicking this, a malicious command was executed which deployed an ad-injector on Search engines like Google and Yandex.

0xffff0800, on noticing this threat, revealed its findings on social media and sent a sample of the file to other researchers to analyze. Surprisingly, one of this expert's hobbies is collecting malware.

Those at Bleeping Computer looked into the situation and they came up with great findings. There was more to this malware than it looks. They said:


The malicious activity extends to other web pages, including Google and Yandex search results, and on Wikipedia entries. Another goal is to monitor web pages for Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses and replaces them with others belonging to the attacker.


Their aim of attacking search engines was to place the injected ads in the first places of search results. However, the attackers were not just focused on generating money through ads, they also programmed and coded the malware in a way that if the victim visits Wikipedia, the malware will display a fake donation button with two Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses for those willing to donate to the encyclopedia. Bleeping Computer revealed that almost $700 worth in crypto had already been raised by the hackers.


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