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Making money with ETH-based games

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Blockchain can transform the gaming industry with the use of NFTs- (non fungible tokens). Of recent, ConsenSys media outlined 16 NFT-based games which users can play and generate some funds for themselves. They revealed that, as the blockchain community is seriously talking about upgrades for the network, scalability and adoption, blockchain-based games are quietly offering some proof that the blockchain tech can transform an industry.

ConsenSys went ahead to present a list of games making use of non-fungible tokens and bringing in new and unique tokens to purchase, sell and trade on Ethereum. They listed some category of games, starting with “Collectible and Trading Games.” An example here is CryptoKitties, a well-known Ethereum-based game that permits users to purchase, breed and trade unique digital cats.

Ethermon is another. Players of this game capture, train and sell creatures referred to as Mons. Another is PlasmaBears, a game where digital bears can be built, sold and traded, or sent on adventures to find wearable assets. 0X Universe is another game in this category that permits players to build a spaceship and explore the Galaxy, colonize new planets and sell resources.

Another category highlighted was “Battling games” like Chibi fighters where users can fight and trade digital warriors and get weapons. Others in this category include: Hyperdragons where players breed and train digital dragons and MyCryptoHeroes whereby players train and combat historical figures. Other well-known games in this category include Blockchain Cuties, God’s unchained, Axie infinity and world of ether.

The third category is “Strategy games” like Decentraland. Here users acquire a plot of land where they build and trade assets. CryptoAssault is another, where players can command an army of their own in a 3D  world, and the last in this category is CryptoBaseball where players can make use of tokens to play baseball.

The last category listed by ConsenSys was “Artwork Trading” where non-fungible tokens are utilized in artwork trading apps like SuperRare and CryptoSketches to purchase, trade and sell unique digital art.

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