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Microsoft wants make your ICO successful

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Recently, Microsoft Azure (a cloud computing service created by Microsoft), listed Stratis in its products’ section. The platform, which was created by Stratis Group based in London, offers a web-based application that allows ICO projects to manage token distribution. It also creates a secure and flexible payment route that could be used by participants to buy ICO tokens ahead of the initial allocation. They make their purchase with either Bitcoin or Strat, the native token of Stratis’

Stratis has also integrated Changelly into its application. The add-on service makes it possible for ICO participants to convert their crypto or fiat money into Strat without much effort.


Regulation Friendly

The entry of Microsoft into the ICO space comes after a slowdown year in the crypto sector. When crypto boomed in late 2017, ICO projects were raising billions of dollars at their ideation stages. People started buying tokens, with the belief that they would become the next Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, most of these ICO projects failed to meet up to the people’s expectations. At the same time, a good number of them left the scene with investors’ money.


The regulators around the globe took steps to limit the access of scammers to potential investors. For instance, the US SEC initiated its most serious crackdown against the startups that engaged in illegal sales of tokens. South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) went as far as banning ICOs. Nonetheless, with Stratis, it seems Microsoft is taking the scammy nature of ICOs seriously.

The platform integrated Onfido (a risk management and fraud prevention software), that helps in the screening of contributors against anti-money laundering watch-lists. The software also verifies documents submitted by ICO participants as part of the know-your-customer process


The method could allow new ICO projects in streamlining their regulatory obligations. In the longer run, it could ensure monitoring and reporting of suspicious transactions to the appropriate government bodies, making ICOs much safer just like IPOs in the eyes of the overseers.


One good reason why ICOs are far from death is due to the last year performance of a few projects. Even in a bearish year, blockchain project Block.One/EOS still managed to raise an impressive $4.1 billion. Telegram, a well-known messenger app, also raised $1.7 billion to build its blockchain protocol.  



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