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Ethereum 2.0 soon to come as Phase-0 Pre-release becomes stable

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Lately, Ethereum has been going through several upgrades to re-launch as Ethereum 2.0 with features such as Constantinople and serenity upgrades.

The Ethereum developers have been toiling for months in order to reach the project’s final development milestone. As notified by GitHub, the Ethereum developers community have revealed their progress so far in the first release (Phase 0 pre-release), which is getting close to stability and that more updates will be announced this February.


Ethereum 2.0 will make Ethereum faster, more scalable and efficient. The scaling will have properties such as eWasm, Proof of Stake, and Sharding.


This Constantinople update should have been released before now, however the journey to its success hasn’t been a smooth one. Last year October, there was a failed testnet launch which led to a small commotion in the community due to a conflict of interest between investors and miners; however, the Ethereum developers are putting in great efforts to make sure the upgrade is successful. Also, while auditing the smart contract code in January, there was a vulnerability which led to the delay in its initial release so that the necessary changes can be made.


The last upgrade for the Ethereum dApp platform is serenity, which is very important for it to mark the hallmark of its development as it switches from the proof of work to proof of stake consensus. Hopefully, with this new outlook, Ethereum will see new gains in price.

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