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Over 40 vulnerabilities in blockchain platforms detected by Cybersecurity researchers

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A Hard Fork investigation revealed that over 40 vulnerabilities in some blockchain and crypto platforms have been detected by cybersecurities between the period of February 13 and March 13. Making use of HackerOne (a security platform that links organizations with white hat hackers), 43 reports on the bugs were sent to 13 organizations which got involved with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Crypto and blockchain platforms affected

Among the platforms that received the vulnerability reports are Tendermint, Monero, Tezos, MyEtherWallet, and Coinbase. On the surface, none of the bugs were seen as critical. However, there were platforms that received multiple vulnerability reports.


Gambling platform, Unikrn, which has a native crypto referred to as Unicoin had a total of 12 vulnerabilities taking top spot in the list of affected platforms. Developers of the OmiseGo platform (Omise) claimed second spot after receiving six reports.


EOS received five bug reports, Tendermint four, while the Augur and Tezos platforms both had three vulnerabilities each. ICON, MyEtherWallet and Monero had two vulnerabilities while Coinbase, Brave, crypto.com, Electroneum received just one bug report each.


How the Security researchers got rewarded

The white hat hackers for their research work, were rewarded with $23,675. But taking the number of vulnerabilities reported into account, this is a considerably low amount.


With respect to the value of bounties paid by the companies involved, Tendermint gave the security researchers $8,500 for their effort. Block.one also gave out $5,500 (the second highest bounty). Unikrn, in spite of the 12 reported bugs on the betting platform, rewarded the hackers with $1,375.


It is worth noting that the value of the bounties for seven of the reported vulnerabilities was not stated.



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