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The Cosmos Mainnet has launched

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What is COSMOS?

Cosmos is a project developed with the idea that, the same way there are so many internet applications, there should also be many blockchains.

The focus is to deliver a network of interoperable blockchains for the industry, which will be scalable and independent. With this, Cosmos claims to have found a solution to the hardest problems faced by blockchains.

The COSMOS team have the belief that blockchains should be able to communicate with each other. Their network solves this issue and has provided a foundation of the new token economy. How?


5 Years so far

The birth of Cosmos can be dated back to 2014 (five years ago) when Jae Kwon observed that the: “Safety-favoring nature of classical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithms would allow us to use Proof of Stake (PoS) for Sybil resistance in a public blockchain context without the need for external sources of pseudorandomness.”

One year later, Ethan Buchman joined him. They set out to accomplish their quest to prove that a secure public blockchain could make use of the BTF system running on Proof of Stake. And to achieve this, the Cosmos Hub was created which was launched officially yesterday.

They are focused at providing a robust and scalable infrastructure and developer hub without making use of Proof of Work: “The vision is to enable communication and connectivity among thousands of cryptocurrency systems, allowing the network to scale without utilizing Proof-of-Work.”

They both created Tendermint core as a BFT consensus engine to provide the first layer for any PoS blockchain to build on.

Cosmos, to be more developer friendly and accessible, created Cosmos SDK claiming to have reduced the barrier to entry for developing DApps.

The team said that, Cosmos is not like Ruby on Rails or Django for blockchain. They also said that it is very easy to use and it helps programmers easily customize their DApps for their business.


Some vital facts that give Cosmos credibility

The Cosmos Hub blockchain has the industry record of being the first public BFT blockchain making use of PoS. In addition, some big names are in support of this project; investors like Bain Capital and Paradigm. The Swiss Interchain Foundation (ICF) has also partnered on R&D with the project.

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